Food from Sabah Malaysia: Agar (seaweed)

Agar Seaweed from Malaysia
Agar Seaweed from Malaysia

Agar from Sandakan Market

One of the things a really enjoyed in Sandakan market was the seaweed dish known as Agar

It’s similar or the same thing as Guso from the Philippines. A green tubular seaweed served as a side dish to many a meal.

What does Agar taste like?

Agar in Sabah is served up doused in vinegar and lemon grass. At this stage is seems nearly every meal in Sabah has some form of lemon grass added to it. Not a bad idea really, as it leaves you feeling refreshed!

Agar in this case was served up at a local stall above the market. Much to the delight of the people serving it, I recognized it and had no problem in saying I liked it. I suggest you give it a taste too!

Why is Malaysian Agar not green?

Malaysian Agar is different from Guso in The Philippines ( link opens a new page so you can compare) in that it’s not so green. Was it because it was an old plate I was served? Though still tasting fresh and crunchy, I am doubting that is the reason. Maybe it had been soaked in vinegar for too long? Or, maybe because it simply it’s simply not as green?

Answers in the comments below if you know or want to try a guess!

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  1. to be honest, i’ve never seen n eat that before..
    hmm..soaked for too long i guess..

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