Food from Sabah Malaysia: Chocolate Waffle

Chocolate Waffle from Malaysia
Chocolate Waffle from Malaysia

Chocolate Waffle from Sabah, Malaysia

Okay, a chocolate waffle can be from anywhere in the world! But, here in Malaysia it seems like the people of Sabah have adopted the chocolate waffle as their own.

On any street where there are people selling food, you are sure to find a vendor offering up fresh waffles with all manner of fillings. From strawberry jam to caramel and honey, the fillings are some of the worlds all time favorites.

My favorite has to be chocolate. Make that, double chocolate.

Street treats in Sabah

Watching your waffle being made is also a treat. The people here take pride in presenting you with something made and crafted with care.

Wait 5 minutes for the hissing batter to form into a light golden crust in front of you as the vendor lightly tucks the sides in, and prods the lid shut tight.  Then choose your topping from the 4 – 10 jars nearby.

While not all vendors offer the best in taste, I have seen some long queues on the street. Here business types, and local people queue together as they all know one thing.

Don’t go to the cafe’s. Street stalls are where the best chocolate waffles are to be found in Borneo!

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19 Replies to “Food from Sabah Malaysia: Chocolate Waffle”

    1. No, crepes are very thin pancakes. These waffles are thick, and shaped in waffle maker which is like a sandwich toaster, only with a criss cross design.

  1. You like yours with (double) chocolate & I like mine with kaya & butter, typical Malaysian’s choice :D

  2. Waffles! Love them! I usually have mine with chocolate and peanut butter – you have to try this combination too! :)

  3. my favourite is chocolate too!

    Malaysia traditional food called ‘apam balik’ is very similar with waffles..have u tried? I love apam balik..

  4. Missed it during my stay in Malaysia :(
    Had a final chance in George Town, but was to full to buy one.
    There’s always a next time :)

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