Food from Sabah Malaysia: Murtabak

Murtabak from Malaysia
Murtabak from Malaysia

Murtabak from Sabah Malaysia – Arabian food in Sabah?

Murtabak has its routes within the Arab world, and is one of my favourite foods in Sabah, Malaysia. Yes, more food that’s not “pure” Sabahan. But, this is what I find commonly on the ground here. Any nation with a cultural diverse background is bound to inherit its dining habits too.

What makes Sabah, Malaysia so good is that they have turned all these great dishes, and made them distinctly their own.

What’s in Murtabak?

It’s essentially a light egg pastry folded over a selection of meats, vegetables or sweet fruits. It’s served hot or cold. Though the norm is to eat it hot and straight from the street vendor making it.

Murtabak is fun to watch too

One of the pleasures of eating Murtabak is watching it being made. The dough is flipped, slapped and thrown into shape by person that could be known as being an artist.

What does Murtabak taste like?

The taste is surprisingly non greasy. Instead its crunchy and full of the center contents  flavor.

The Murtabak photographed above is a take away version. It comes complete with a little sachet of near glow-in-the-dark chili sauce. Leave it too long in a bag though and Murtabak becomes a little soggy. I would advise eating it right at the stand!

This is an additional post and one of a series highlighting Food in Sabah, Malaysia

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18 Replies to “Food from Sabah Malaysia: Murtabak”

  1. oh beware Dave, your expanding waistline! I know it does not feel greasy, but believe me, there’s hidden fat and oil in there, in that lovely plump Murtabak! Isn’t it like having a roti with all the meat and good stuff, STUFFED in it? An all in one feast it is! happy food hunting! Mwuahaha:D

    1. I think it’s Malaysia’s nearest example to a filling sandwich … And, yes my waist line is expanding. But I think it’s not from food but from what lingers in food! :(

  2. I ate this in Sydney not so long ago. I guess food travels the world as much as people do. Great blog by the way

  3. This is an amazing piece of bread that I usually restrict myself from eating too often due to its high fat content! Oh yes, it’s hidden, believe you me. But it’s oh-so-good and delicious! I like to eat it with dhal or curry over here.. the wetter the better! :)

  4. Hi there,

    Interesting blog! To be honest with you, this Murtabak filled with veggies is my weekly favourite! I always asked my dad to buy it at our local Tamu (a weekly sunday market in Sabah). And it seems that it can only be found in Sabah, I tried searching for similar ones in West Malaysia, but I only encounter the ones filled with meat.

  5. Looks very taste. Its true that all arabian foods and i can say east foods, are very delicious because of spices.

  6. Looks amazing to me and Sabah? It is very near from where I am based, in Mindanao in the Philippines :)

    The Murtabak looks like a stuffed crackers and I wonder how it goes with coffee? Soda perhaps?


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