Food from Sabah Malaysia: Pumpkin Chicken

Pumpkin Chicken from Sabah Malaysia
Pumpkin Chicken from Sabah Malaysia

Delicious Pumpkin Chicken from Sabah Malaysia

Pumpkin pie and Halloween were the only things I used to think that could be done with this vegetable. Certainly not in Sabah where I’ve never tasted it prepared do well.

Pumpkin if not cooked well can be hard, bitter and not such a nice thing to have on your plate. In Sabah, Malaysia pumpkin is added as a main ingredient for many a dish, but here it was one of the main ingredients.

What does pumpkin Chicken taste like?

Pumpkin doesn’t have an over powering taste. In Sabah pumpkin chicken adds a hefty amount of filling to this meaty dish. The difference here is that the pumpkin tastes fantastic! A near subtle blend of root vegetable mixed with carrot like flavors add to a wonderful texture.

This is all coming from someone who’s never really been a big fan of pumpkin. Sabahan food has changed my way of thinking about pumpkins.

Vegetarian options!

Not being a vegetarian I am sure to be wrong about this. But it seems to me pumpkin dishes in Asia may well help in bumping up the variety for vegetarians out there. In this restaurant they were also offering pumpkin and ginger dishes.

For the carnivores out there, pumpkin mixed with chicken is a seriously filling and tasty dish.  One of the best dishes I’ve had so far in Sabah, Malaysia.

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18 Replies to “Food from Sabah Malaysia: Pumpkin Chicken”

  1. Pumpkin always seems like a bit of a let down to me when people tell me about it. But when it’s served up, I’ve always enjoyed it. Pumpkin soup is one of my all time favs.

  2. never eat that before. My favourite pumpkin dish is called ‘lemak labu’. Pumpkin mixed with some leafy vegetables (i don’t know the name :p) and cooked with coconut milk and turmeric powder and some other spices..

    ..anyway, I’m sure i can eat that pumpkin chicken as well.. :D

  3. The key to pumpkin is the choice of pumpkin. if you usually use the big orange ones you carve for halloween, then i would agree. a rather tasteless affair. There are though much more tasty rich in nutty and dense flavours. Try one named Hokkaido. Simply fantastic. you do not even have to peel it. and naturally it makes for a yummy ingredient in many a stirfry and curry!

    1. I never knew there were so many types of Pumpkin until I looked up your recommendation of Hokkaido.

      I would be great to find out if there were any places that specialize in Pumpkins for future reference.

      Over here, it’s simply “Pumpkin” no idea of what type, or where it’s from. But if you know of a country, town, shop, or restaurant that specializes in Pumpkin, do let me know?

      1. I can only speak for Germany. here you can get different forms of pumpkin including hokkaido from august to november. i am not aware of an event or place that specialises in it.
        i would think though that you should be able to get different kind of pumpkins around the world. i know for a fact htis is the case in australia. if you cant find them in a super market, try a local market or biodynamic store. they will be likely to have a variety of pumpkins available.
        there are so many different sorts around… that are worthwhile trying out…

  4. One of my favorite Malaysian dish which I’ve tried in a Chinese restaurant in Johor is deep fried spare ribs mixed with some kind of very delicious pumpkin based sauce.. Yummy! You should look for one!

    How are you Dave!! I hope all’s well with you! I know I haven’t been active on Twitter and not updating my blog too. I’ve been busy with a 9-6 job… I desperately need to pack my bag and travel again!

    Keep on posting those yummy dishes! I miss Malaysia a lot!

    1. Marnie!

      Great to hear from you again. I’ve only come across pumpkin sauce once, then it disappeared into the night.

      But yes, this part of the world really likes it pumpkin.

      I’ve got a feeling you can’t use your phone to tweet during the day etc! The bad world of 9-6 eh.

      Drop me a mail with what you’re up to these days so we can catch up.

  5. I had a stir-fried pumpkin with chicken in Chiang Mai, Thailand and it was not only one of the most delicious dishes I ate in Thailand, but ever. This post brings that nice memory back. Thanks!

  6. The food is probably the single biggest thing that makes me long to go travelling again. Pumpkin is so simple yet can be sooo good when cooked with a bit of creativity.

  7. Wow looks delicious. I am huge fan of pumpkins and know of a few recipes. Would love to try this one day!

  8. Hi Dave, I’ve never had pumpkin with chicken but it tastes really good in curries with coconut milk. You just have to fry it a little bit to make it crispy. I’m tempted to look up a chicken recipe now. :)

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