Food from Thailand: Thai Green Curry

A bowl of Thai Green Curry
A bowl of Thai Green Curry, one of my favorites

Thai Green Curry is one of the better currys in Bangkok

I’ve always liked Thai green curry over many other Thai dishes. I’ve eaten it outside of Thailand on many an occasion. And, so long as it’s not the fishy kind, I’ve always enjoyed it.

How will authentic straight from Thailand Thai green curry match up?

What is Thai Green Curry made from?

This is interesting, and the answer is flavorsome. The green curry itself is made from a paste consisting of  green chilies, garlic, shallots, garlic, lime peel, coriander, cumin, and white peppercorns. Shrimp or fish paste is often added as well.

The paste is added to coconut milk and a host of other ingredients are added to the actual dish itself.

In this case aubergine, tomato, green pepper, Thai basil and prawns.

What does Thai green curry taste like?

Coconut chili soup with a meaty bite. It’s refreshingly light as opposed to its western alternative. The prawns are fresh and add to this dish tremendously. The soupy goodness can be utilized well be eating Thai green curry with some authentic Thai rice.

Which is better “Western” Thai Green Curry or Thailand’s very own Thai Green Curry?

I think of all the Thai food I’ve had in Thailand, this is my favorite. That said, I much prefer the thicker heavier western version. Thai green curry rarely fills me up. And, it’s often far too soupy to feel like I’ve eaten something substantial.

All that said, it is my favorite Thai food and well worth trying out for yourself.

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20 Replies to “Food from Thailand: Thai Green Curry”

  1. When I went to Vietnam, I realised the same thing. It tasted better back in Australia. Don’t know if this is to do with what we are used to, or a taste buds.

  2. Can I order some Red Thai curry from you too? :) It’s my fav!

  3. I believe it is what we are used to. Australia do have some fabulous Vietnamese eateries though! Having said that I had a fantastic dining experience in Hanoi at the Quan An Ngon – market style dining with the locals.

    1. I think your right Aud. It’s what we are used to. Expectations based on our taste buds from food we think will be even better once we get to a place.

  4. Don’t tell anyone, but yea, green curry was nothing like what I expected when we went on holiday last year

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more! This is absolutely one of the best foods in Thailand. I actually got a chance to make this from scratch at a cooking school in Chiang Mai.

      1. Green curry is one of my favourites too, mainly because it is one of the few things i recognise on menus.
        Yes i agree, it is strange how the green curry sauce is so thin in Thailand. And what are those strange round green vegetables in it ?

        1. Ha ha, you had me looking at the photo again for those strange green vegetables. The large one, is a green pepper. Those small little green circles in the soup are actually droplets of oil!

          Yes, the curry sauce here is very thin. More like a soup.

  6. Is there a curry for every color?

    It’s really interesting to note how food changes once it leaves its origins. Wonder if you can copyright food?! (kidding)

    1. Green, Red, and Yellow … so far … maybe more, but lost in translation. I think some recipes are copyrighted. Coca Cola for example. But hard to enforce.

  7. I have never been a great cook, however I took a course in Thailand and made Green Curry and I have to say it was very tasty. We often at home cook this dish from scratch with fresh ingredients and when that first morsel enters my mouth, the taste and aroma takes right back that lesson ten years ago. Delicious!

  8. Thai Green Curry is one of the most favorites dish here in Thailand.

    Unfortunately, not all restaurant serving the good tastes that matches to the western peoples tasting styles.

    In my opinion, if you come to Thailand, try the curry from any fresh market. You will get a really fully aroma/spicy taste.

  9. Wow! I also love Thai Green Curry too! Love the taste and flavour!

    I didn’t get prawns in my Thai Green Curry, didn’t see much of prawns in them and usually chicken meat! Maybe I should try it the Thai Green Curry with the prawns inside one day!

    Making me hungry, it’s dangerous to read and see food photos in the night! :)


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