A return to Barcelona, I’ve changed … thank goodness

Published in: Spain | September 1st, 2007
Christopher Columbus in Barcelona

Travel Journal Overview: Barcelona always has mixed feelings for me. A perfect place to call home, or just another city pretending to be? Well what can I say about the place I really have mixed feelings for. I spent a month in BCN 2.5 years ago, had all my vaccinations there, and had a great… Continue reading more »

At last, I get to Granada

Published in: Spain | August 26th, 2007
The Alhambra in Granda, Spain

Travel Journal Overview: 2.5 years previously Granada had eluded me. This time I would not let a chance to visit this beautiful area slip away. My Spanish, sucks, but with my LP at my side and hotel.com directions on an adopted Madrid family’s print out map, I could have made it to the hotel without… Continue reading more »

Madrid’s bullfighting ring

Published in: Spain | August 23rd, 2007
Bullfighting ring in Madrid

Travel Journal Overview: I was back in Spain. I had internet, and the world had indeed changed, as had I. Madrid was my first proper stop over on my return from Africa. Of course the bags and plane were delayed. And a recapped visit to Portugal kept everyone waiting. But my Spanish friend waited patiently… Continue reading more »

Africa – the missing years …

Published in: Africa - the missing years | January 5th, 2006
My Local Market

My Local Market From Portugal I left my overland journey for over two years in West Africa. Two years of self preparation for life I tag it these days. I lived a simple local life. I worked in a local job that allowed me to pass on my knowledge and skills to others in the… Continue reading more »

Sintra, palaces and sheer charm

Published in: Portugal | May 30th, 2005
Palace and Moorish castle

Travel Journal Overview: The true start of my overland journey started here. No better place There are few places as beautiful as Sintra in Portugal – very few. Related Links on this website: Portugal country profile

Lisboa, big city, so let’s get out

Published in: Portugal | May 22nd, 2005
Lisboa city scape

Travel Journal Overview: I enjoyed Lisbon very much, its very different to the rest of Europe’s capitals. Better in many respects. The capital of Portugal Lisbon is a great place. Full of things to do at night, and during the day. But also a great place to use as a base to escape from! Related… Continue reading more »

Evora, them bones them bones

Published in: Portugal | May 20th, 2005

Travel Journal Overview: Central Portugal, a great place to visit. Journal entries are still via hand. Famous for it’s chapel do osos (chapel of bones). Here’s a high quality photograph of the famous interior of chapel de ossos There’s actually a surprising amount to do in Evora, Portugal. From Toman ruins (above) to ancient aquaducts.… Continue reading more »