Poland, I have arrived at last

Travel Journal Overview: In Europe I made it to Poland, I finally felt like I was on the move properly once again.

Polish Street Scene (click to enlarge)
Polish Street Scene (click to enlarge)

Well credit where credit is due, Eurolines actually arrived on time! (I will take this back later). The bus journey was not so eventful, though I took my first note at the excessive quantities of alcohol Polish people drink! Not having a seat number is a pain, especially when dealing with drunk people. Thankfully too much listening to English movies means Polish people understand English quite well. So telling them its not my fault Eurolines did not give me a seat number and that Eurolines suck made them laugh and leave me alone.

The bus station in Krakow was big, and nice. First stop Eurolines office to inquire if it was possible to get to L’viv in the Ukraine. It was possible, and not only that but very cheap, 70 Zloty, 17Euro. And it left every night at 22.00. Also the exit to the station was to the right as I leave. (all of this is lies!!). I took a right and ended up heading in the opposite direction to the center, so map in hand ( of course the top part of the map excludes the bus station) I circled around and found a street on the map and hunted down the Deco Hostel.

I was greeted by something I noticed secondly to all the alcohol being consumed in Poland, by a beautiful blue eyes polish receptionist. I could not have been welcomed any better. Maps laid out, directions given, and a bottom bunk bed. I took a shower and headed straight to downtown Krakow. Still no sign of my polish friend though, still I was more interested in the city at this stage.

Krakow was at first a little disappointing to me. It did not have the visual “in your face” impact of say Prague. It is a very nice looking European city, but Wawel Castle was a little… well plain. Still, I enjoyed the little streets. Getting lost, and eating polish food. I was lucky enough to find a little cafe off the main square that served good cheap polish food. Really cheap…. 5 Euro bought me a massive plate of Goulash, buckwheat and a drink. Speaking of which I then participated in the drinking of a Polish Malt beer… and yes it was equally as good.

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