The beautiful Alhambra sunset in Granada, Spain

The Alhambra in Spain at Sunset
The Alhambra in Spain at Sunset

A beautiful Alhambra sunset is worth the wait

It is one of Spain’s most stellar architectural and cultural attractions. Stunning at any time, a beautiful Alhambra sunset is an exceptional must for anyone visiting this part of Europe.

Facts about the Alhambra:

  • Originally the Alhambra palace was built for the Muslim Emirs in Spain during the 14th century
  • From 1492 to 1527 portions of the palace where fortified and used by the “Catholic Monarchs”
  • The Alhambra palace fell into disrepair until it was discovered in the 19th century by travelers & scholars
  • The Alhambra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Within its many chambers are rooms of outstanding Muslim decor not seen anywhere else in Western Europe
Did you know? Moorish poets described the Alhambra as “a pearl set in emeralds,” due to the color of its buildings and the surrounding woods

The story behind this photograph

Having spent many months in Spain in 2005, visiting the Alhambra palace was one of several things I wanted to do in Granada. But, it kept alluding me.

Yes, I could have gone on several occasions, but I kept putting it off in favor of waiting for the right moment.

Finally, on my return to Europe from Africa years later, I made visiting Granada a priority. And, it was certainly worth it.

A lot can happen in two years. My previous priority was not the Alhambra itself, but a tandem visit with a tree house resort I’d read about previously. The tree house resort ended up being less than stellar, whilst visiting the Alhambra became an evening ritual during my stay.

Alhambra, in Granada, Spain at sunset
Alhambra, in Granada, Spain at sunset

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14 Replies to “The beautiful Alhambra sunset in Granada, Spain”

  1. it’s beautiful..
    did u know that I bought some postcards of alhambra, and I still keep it because it’s too beautiful and i don’t plan to post it to anybody anyway..

    1. I think that’s the future of postcards. We can email photos from phones these days and show the world. The need for postcards as message senders is running out. But the need for physical memoirs lives on. Just like your own postcards! :)

  2. Where was that vantage point?! It looks like the back of the Alhambra.

    Hated the climb, but ye gods, the views once you were up there.

    1. It’s on a hill opposite. About a 45 minute walk up from the town center. And, a lot easier than the walk up to the Alhambra itself. Which yes, left me tired too!

    1. Not sure about romantic. The sunset here can be. But during the day in peak tourist season it can be a little grounded. That said, this region of Spain is very beautiful, so you can use Granada as a base to travel further afield if you like!

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