A sitting Buddha at Wat Mahathat, Sukhothai, Thailand

A Buddha statue with Wat Mahathat in the background in Sukhothai, Thailand
A seated Buddha statue with Wat Mahathat in the background in Sukhothai, Thailand

A seated Buddha near Wat Mahathat

This is not one of the more the famous Buddha statues in either Wat Mahathat or Sukhothai. I found this seated Buddha to the left of the main temple ruins where the more “famous” seated Buddha statue sits.

The other popular Buddha statue is the standing Buddha at Wat Mahathat which you can catch a glimpse of to the left of this Buddha’s shoulder.

A lot of Buddha statues in Sukhothai historic park

There are numerous Buddha statues in Sukhothai. Most have already been well document and I will also show you here a little later. However I do like it when I come across more than just another statue.

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 This huge seated Buddha looked great in the late afternoon light. To give you an example of it’s size just look closely at the bottom center and slightly to the right. You’ll see a grey/black looking smaller Buddha statue in the distance. To the right is a tourist. This main statue is at least 20ft in height.

I think what makes this statue stand out from the others is that behind it you can see the standing Buddha statue and to the right Wat Mahathat. Both of these are not viable from other locations quite like this.

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Buddha at Wat Mahathat, Sukhothai, Thailand
Buddha at Wat Mahathat, Sukhothai, Thailand

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13 Replies to “A sitting Buddha at Wat Mahathat, Sukhothai, Thailand”

  1. I must say that images of statues are often rather plain. But in this instance with the little carnation flower, the backdrop and the sky it’s all very much a wonderfully serene scene.

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    Opening the article in the browser poses no problem at all.

    1. Hi Petr,

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  3. I really like this. So peaceful and nice. Did you put the flower there?

  4. Going there in a week! Great to get all this information thanks!

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