Wat Jetlin (Chedlin) in Chiang Mai

Wat Jetlin or Chedlin in Chiang Mai Thailand
Wat Jetlin or Chedlin in Chiang Mai Thailand

My favorite Wat in Chiang Mai is Wat Jetlin

There’s rarely a buddhist temple in Thailand that doesn’t have more than one name. Wat Jetlin is also known as Wat Jet Lin, Wat Chedlin and Wat Nong Chalin. I’m going to call it by the name outside the main gates: Wat Jetlin.

Sign for Wat Jetlin
Even the monks call Wat Chedlin “Wat Jetlin”

Located on Prapokkloa Road the 16th century Wat Jetlin is often overlooked in the touristy old walled city of Chiang Mai.

Truth be told, I’m kinda glad it’s overlooked too. It only adds to one of the reasons I like coming here so much.

Entrance to Wat Jetlin

As you enter in to the temple complex you’ll see the side of the main viharn (wat/temple) building to your right. Running alongside the viharn are several large black metal gongs. You can use the soft mallets to gently hit the gongs and they’ll emanate a wonderful tone.

Just past the gongs on the right are some steps leading up and inside the viharn.

Gongs at Wat Chedlin/Jetlin
Hit a gong at Wat Chedlin/Jetlin

Inside Wat Jetlin

If you’re not accustomed to the inside of Thai buddhist temples the inside of Wat Jetlin might surprise you a little.

Inside Wat Jetlin
Inside Wat Jetlin where in the 16th century King Mekut Sutthiwong was coronated

It’s quite bare but still filled with red painted columns, seats around the edges, a tiled floor, a pink carpet at the center lined with soft mats for kneeling on and a large golden buddha at the top.

It’s all quite ornate in a clash of evocative colors way.

Stone buddha head and some large stone balls

Back outside and there’s a little outbuilding that houses a sizable old stone buddha head along with several smaller ornate statues. Among these are large dark stone balls. I’m told that stone balls are often placed under Thai temples in each of the four corners and in cardinal points.

Stone balls at Wat Jetlin
Stone balls at Wat Jetlin

I’m not quite sure why these cannon ball like stones are not inside or under the temple. But their proximity to the old stone head suggests that perhaps they were from a previous temple.

Wat Jetlin’s chedi

At the rear of the viharn is tall stone chedi. Temple enthusiasts might like to know that this chedi is in the Mondop style which is quite common among large chedis like this in Thailand. Each of the four sides has a niche about half way up with a buddha statue inside.

Chedi at Wat Jetlin
Chedi at Wat Jetlin

To the rear of Wat Jetlin and a quaint little bridge

Walk past the Chedi until you get to a lovely ornate little bridge. This is my favourite area of Wat Jetlin. Crossing over the bridge you’ll find a couple of nice seating areas. Below the still lilly filled water has tortoises, carp and slew of birdlife living around it.

Bridge at Wat Chedlin
Bridge at Wat Chedlin

If you fully cross over the bridge you’ll end up in the monks quarters. It’s probably not so polite to just wander on in. There’s not much here either aside from some saffron robes drying out in the breeze.

Take a coffee break at Wat Chedlin

Yes, I changed the name to Chedlin. I did that as my favorite part of this Wat is the little coffee shop back on the other side of the bridge to the right. It’s secluded and different from other temples in Chiang Mai. They serve “organic” coffee in the forms of espresso, americano, lattes and mochas. I personally stick with the espressos here. Nice and nutty with a golden froth.

Having a coffee at Wat Jetlin
Having a tranquil coffee at Wat Jetlin

To the left of the coffee shop is a small seating area under the shade. This is where it’s blissful to sit back and enjoy the bridge, chedi, wat and pond. A perfect setting for some book reading and relaxation.

The best part here is that few tourists come this far. And those that do are usually happy to enjoy a peaceful coffee too. I’ve met all sorts of nice folk here that are simply enjoying the cultural side of Chiang Mai.

Directions to Wat Jetlin/Chedlin in Chiang Mai

Map of Wat Jetlin:


Address/ directions: Wat is Jetlin is located in the southeastern corner inside the old city walls of Chiang Mai along the southern end of Prapokkloa road.

Entrance fee: zero

Cost of a coffee: about USD $1.50

Opening hours: 04.00 – 18.00 everyday

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  1. I really thought those were cannonballs :) Never heard of them before. Sounds really interesting. Do they give out this information in all the wats in Thailand?

  2. The bridge looks so lovely. Did you try to photograph it when the monks were crossing over?

  3. I’ve missed so much since being away (Spain)! Lot’s to catch up on but just saw this in my email. Love it! I opened lonely planet to find it but couldn’t! Is it really that hidden?

  4. Good information for visitors to Chiang Mai. We spent a month there a few years back. I do remember Wat Chedlin because of that little bridge. I skipped the coffee. A shame as it seems so idyllic.

  5. I like having places like this. Sometimes tourist sights are just too crowded and you want to get away.

    Guide books always annoy me as they only show the popular places and then everyone goes there. Glad to have discovered this!

  6. Wow what a place to be $1.50 organic coffee. Very interesting about the canon balls and there usage never heard that before.

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