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Since Davao things have really become quite busy for me on many levels. Part of what is not written online, goes into manuscript format for the book, or maybe that’s books?!

But here’s an overview:

What’s happening?

Right now, I am negotiating on several sources of revenue for my continued travel in search of a place to live. I believe these things must be grasped when opportunities arise. It’s something I learned in my travels through Europe. And, am putting it into play here.

I am currently netting an average of 4 hours of sleep per day and believe me when I say the rest is taken up with 18 hours of near non stop work one way or another.

This is not income generating work, yet. But, to get that far, you need to work at it. And no, it’s not a job in The Philippines.

And, yes I am very tired as I write this. But that’s how we get to places, hard work. Make no mistake.

That said, here are some updates from the website side of things:

New Travel Photography Gallery:

If you go to my Travel Photography gallery(opens new page/tab) you’ll notice some changes. Firstly, it’s a new url ( So if you bookmarked it previously, please update it. Likewise if you belong to any social networks like twitter, facebook, or stumbleupon please spread the word. just click an icon at the bottom of this post.

I’ve added more B/W photographs, and also for the first time a second page of all color travel photographs.

This redesign will also enable me to sell prints of all sizes very soon. I will write a blog post when it’s live.

For now though, please take a look at the new selection, feedback is always welcome.

Photograph hosting and online storage review:

I did not expect the articles I wrote about photo hosting and online storage to generate quite so much interest. I wrote the review page long before these articles for myself, so I can come back and remember what I learned from each company in terms of their services.

I’m glad it’s helping out other people too.

With that in mind here is the link: online storage and photo hosting reviews (opens a new page/tab)

I hope it’s of use to you too!

Again, please spread the word if you use twitter, facebook or stumbleupon etc,.

Davao continues:

With the above written, my journals now continue about my ongoing search. What I’ve learned over the past 5 years is certainly coming into play now.

Life’s a journey that we should learn from. I’m doing my best to put all that into practice right now.

Thanks for following along. Let’s see how it works out!

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6 Replies to “Subscribers only: New Feature & Dedicated hosting reviews”

  1. Life’s a journey that we should learn from.. totally agree! keep up the good work dave! C&C r fans of u and ur awesome site:)

  2. All the best of luck on your journey … very amazing collection of photographs!!

  3. My oh my, 4 hours sleep, i would be dead, seriously … wish you all the best !!

    1. -ciki- Thanks guys, I enjoy your site too!

      -yee- Very glad they meet with your approval!

      -Ivy- I kinda looked like that yesterday! Lack of sleep can sometimes be really bad, and other days it just walks off. Thanks though!

  4. I personally couldn’t function on 4 hours of sleep, but it sounds like you’re working on creating that home, among other things. I admire your energy!

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