Please read this before reading my Travel Journals

About my Travel Journals –

10 points of note:

  1. A lot of the earlier entries are written into my handwritten journals so they are not online.
  2. Older journal entries are rough and ready, take them as they are.
  3. If you start from the beginning you can witness the evolution of this online journal from notes, to blog, to factoid, to journal.
  4. I’ve given older entries a brief overview at the start of each entry.
  5. Dates: they are not super exact. Most days pass without me living in an internet cafe or hostel lounge.
  6. I often try to post ahead of time to keep up the consistency of online posting.
  7. More regular entries start from Iran onwards.
  8. All photographs have been lowered in quality to let pages load quickly, though on most pages there’s at least one you can zoom in on a little.
  9. There is a lack of information about the quest of finding home: Those parts are all in my book!  – though if you are tuning in from the Philippines onwards, they are now becoming apart of the blog / journal.
  10. Looking for travel help and information? You won’t really find much in the journals to help you. Instead go to my country profiles on the left of each page, or go to my travel resources page.

Please read the side bars on the blog page for more information

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5 Replies to “Please read this before reading my Travel Journals”

  1. So finally here I am.
    Even since I discovered TLWH (by twitter, by planning trip to Sabah?) I wanted to read the story from the very beginning.
    I read some older posts in between, but in general I have only read “every” post since the 1st stay in Sabah.
    Really looking forward to this as Dave and his blog are inspiring me!

    1. My gosh you are starting from wayyyyy back here. Very different to the latest posts! More like direct transcriptions from my hand written journal. Good luck going through them! And … thanks for the kind words!

      1. Told you I would do it, and today was the right time for it.
        I’m surprised that so people came so far back, as it is very
        interesting to see the evolution of your blog.

  2. this is an amazing blog … would love to read it from the begining and see the evolution … wonder if you have a page button to sort them in order as like you said most of the dates are not that accurate.

    I think its not the rough early entries that you may be a bit shy off that people would shun upon but its the very idea of reading your journey and seeing them evolve over time … (eight years is pretty long) … and not just traveling aspect but looking for a home …

    I just stumble on your website recently and cant wait to go over it

  3. Hi! After reading to day’s (I have understood little),decided to go back again,when have got time,and re-read former Europe posts, places that I know or could know,more available for me.Unluckly my country was not included,maybe too touristic and let’s say frankly,too expensive.I’m losing hope you move from Nepal-surely interesting and opening mind articles, but don’t see a permanent home expectative.Or maybe yes, it’s your destiny that you share with us.So long Dave,and thanks for all.

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