Food from the Philippines: Bibingka

Bibingka cake from the Philippines
Bibingka cake - the rice flour version (click to enlarge)

Bibingka from The Philippines

Bibingka is simply a rice flour cake found everywhere in The Philippines. This particular one is street made and baked in a local oven on the side of the road.

I’ve seen it in bakery shops too, but its not the same there. The road side bakery uses traditional banana leaf to wrap the cakes in. There’s definitely a difference in the taste, but only mild.

Bibingka is soft and sweet, much like a sponge cake. The rice flour gives it a sticky but not overly sweet taste and texture.

There is also a harder to find Cassava flour version of Bibingka. It’s paler in complexion and the taste is a little stronger.

Both are very cheap to buy, and are nearly always fresh when bought along the road.

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15 Replies to “Food from the Philippines: Bibingka”

  1. ooo! rice flour cake.. so yummie! the ONLY thing that I like better than this is the BUTTER cake.. now that is an awesome cake.. it’s friday so.. let it be declared ..


    tata, happy weekend

  2. I really like the way the cake has a split down the middle. Even street food can be artistic!

  3. Real bibingka uses rice flour and coconut milk, baked with slices of salted duck eggs and white goat’s cheese. Sugar is sprinkled on top and this caramelizes and forms snowflake like crystals when baked. MMMM!!

  4. ^ i’m not a fan of the duck egg variety. but i dont mind extra carmelized snowflakes!

    photo is lovely! thanks man, you just put the ‘bib’ in bibingka (cause use of one is necessary when reading this post) :)

  5. I just finished reading about Korean food on another blog and now it’s time for dessert over here! I’m a big fan of baked goods and the lack of good cake items here in Mexico has been a challenge.

    A bibingka would be most welcome right about now!

  6. Wow the bibingka cake look really yummy! as i travel i always look for food i always look for food that local the the area, this is really nice.

  7. For some reason, bibingkas are traditional Christmas season food. The best-tasting ones for me so far are those cute, buttery-sweet little bibingkas sold at Bibingkinta! stalls at the malls.

  8. Balasan, Iloilo bibingka is also a very delicious version.

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