Food from The Philippines: Biko

Biko from The Philippines
Biko from The Philippines (click to enlarge)

Biko from The Philippines

This is an odd ball sweet snack I nearly passed over one day. Biko is made from sticky rice, cooked in coconut milk and mixed or topped with caramel.

It’s not that easily found. And, usually only shows up at parties for children. But if you ask around, there will be someone who’ll direct you to a store selling it in most big towns.

The caramel on Biko is also not always “caramel“. As with many things in The Philippines Biko is often made from whatever is available at the time that “looks” like the original ingredient. In this case, brown sugar.

So, watch out just in case you are expecting something else!

This is an additional post and one of a series highlighting Great food from the Philippines

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17 Replies to “Food from The Philippines: Biko”

  1. Oh I know this! One of coworker is from Philippines and he brought this with him once.
    Interesting stuff. But I’m not that much of a sweet tooth, so just taste it. :)

  2. Caramel, brown sugar, what’s the difference? They are both brown haah.

    Looks good to eat, though I usually steer away from snacks like this: I just can’t help imagining how they were made and how many flies, dirty fingers, everything that had touch them since the undetermined amount of time they have been sitting out in the street since their creation haha.

    Looks good though.

  3. Biko’s usually topped with “latik”, fried coconut milk curd. Topping it with caramel or melted brown sugar will do too. This is one of my fave Pinoy rice cakes!

  4. im making my feasibility study and i choose biko as my product is it allright?

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