Food from The Philippines: Chicharrón

Chicharrón from the Philippines
Chicharrón from the Philippines (click to enlarge)

Chicharrón from the Philippines

It’s a universal snack food that drives some people crazy with crunchy addiction. It will probably be outlawed in some country soon for being too tempting and unhealthy. But then some of the best foods are just that.

What is Chicharrón?

Chicharrón is deep-fried pig skin with some spices added. There’s very little else involved here. It comes in various forms but the most common comes in small bags found in nearly every store lightly flavored with salt and garlic.

Many locals dip the small pieces into a little dish of vinegar and chili. Not my favorite as it takes away the crunch. It’s often used as an accompaniment to beer or at fiestas.

Where can you find Chicharrón in The Philippines

There are numerous makers of Chicharrón in The Philippines. Many local stalls make their own, though these are losing out to the big manufacturers. Malls have countless stalls set up selling branded packets. You can’t miss the stalls as each one is draped in bag after bag of crunchy Chicharrón.

The best Chicharrón in The Philippines is …

The best Chicharrón I’ve tasted is the one flavored with chili, it adds a nice kick. I found this one in Davao, though it’s available nationwide.

But be warned it’s heavy on the calories, and I haven’t come across a medical person who doesn’t cringe at the thought of what it’s doing to your arteries. That said, Chicharrón is super cheap, tasty and a great gift to bring along to a party!

This is an additional post and one of a series highlighting Great Filipino food

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16 Replies to “Food from The Philippines: Chicharrón”

    1. -David @ Malaysia Asia- Well … I’ll go for Chicharrón. But will give Malaysian Chicken skin a go too. We can have a face off!

      -ciki- I hear you! But I can’t mix them at the same time. Crunchy first, then drink the fizz :)

      -SleeplessInKL- Yep, the vinegar mix is popular, but it takes the crunch away for me. Not see the flour one … yet!

      -yee- Yes, I limit myself to only the chili one. Sometimes. And then avoid the cardiologist for a while ;) I will try the chicken skin one. Someday!

      -Kyle- I wish they left behind parma ham and chorizo too. Sadly it seems to have got lost in translation and history!

  1. say no more. I love this.

    coke and crackling.

    beer and crackling.

    hell, ANYTHING fizzy and crackling.. !

    feed me now :P

  2. It’s commonly eaten in the Philippines dipped in vinegar and salt, as far as I can recall. It’s also got a cheaper ‘clone’ – made of some kind of flour. Not quite the same flavour but the same crunch.

  3. Pork Rind!!

    Let’s say HI to Heart Attack! and Hello Cardiologist!

    Another one being brought up by David @Malaysia Asia, Deep Fried Chicken Skin! Killer delicacy … two things that uber unhealthy but totally irresistible!

  4. Nice! It’s funny to see the things that were left behind by Spanish colonization many years ago!

  5. Chicharron and a cold SMB! All things in moderation of course. After that…


  6. not sure i could eat this, whether in the US south or anywhere else. great picture, though!! lol

  7. There’s a vegetarian chicharon available in the supermarket too called Oishi Marty’s :-) for the same crunch, it’s not bad. they come in plain salted and salt/vinegar flavors

  8. Thoughtful and interesting, thank you. I was brought up in the philipines but moved to england at such a young age I barely remember anything apart from the delicious food. I finally found some authentic Filipino recipes if you want to take a look, I thought I’d share it with you!

    i never ate the stuff when i was there in the PI
    im going back again in 2 weeks and will not eat the stuff again

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