Food from The Philippines: Mango Float

Mango Float from The Philippines
Mango Float from The Philippines (click to enlarge)

Mango Float from The Philippines

I’ve said it previously, I am not that much of a sweet tooth. Mango Float may just be the exception! It’s really quiet spectacular.

Made from layers of fresh thinly sliced mangos. Mixes cream and condensed milk. Alongside layers of graham crackers. Each layer is stacked up as many times as you want.

Some Mango floats are really thick on the cream and condensed milk. Other Mango floats like the one above are just right. Thinner layers work a lot better.

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Many, many overseas Filipino workers adore Mango Floats, and really miss them from home.

Not overly sweet, nor too heavy, served cold it’s really quite amazing. And, really worth tracking down in The Philippines if you are looking for an amazing desert!

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18 Replies to “Food from The Philippines: Mango Float”

  1. Did you ever see it when you lived in Palawan ? I want to try it now

    1. Try the Swedish bakery. If you get friendly with the staff am sure they will make some. If that fails and you are eating at a local place (cantina). Ask the lady serving about Mango Float. It’s really easy to make, and requires no cooking. So there shouldn’t be a problem.

    1. Ivy, if you have my updates delivered by email. Then this sat/sun there should be an announcement. This is the last food dish I am posting from The Philippines.

  2. We always Mango Float every birthdays here, it’ easy to prepare, no cook, just freeze, kids love it!!

  3. Hello Dave! Thanks for sharing your topic. Yes! I had tasted it already and I’m craving for it more and more! haha.. It’s not too sweet so you can eat as much as you want. I just love filipino dishes!

  4. Yum yum! My mom makes the best mango floats! Now, you got me to call her and ask her to make one for me when i go home for the holidays.

  5. It is truly amazing that a country have so many types of interesting food that a traveler can spend two years writing about them!!! Amazing.

    This mango dish though looks like something my wife would like. Perhaps I will show it to her as an incentive to get us back to Asia hehe.

  6. oh dave.. no need to explain.. for someone who does not have a sweet tooth.. u sure take pictures of the sweets enough! hahaha! it’s OK, i will pump u up with steak and then malaysian dessert when you come visit. just blame it on ciki :P

  7. Wow, this sounds delicious! It’s so interesting how many cultures use sweetened condensed milk in their desserts! It’s in a lot of Brazilian cakes and puddings, and I remember dipping fluffy pieces of bread into condensed milk in China.

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