Food from The Philippines: Pomelo

Pomelo fruit from The Philippines
Pomelo fruit from The Philippines (click to enlarge)

Pomelo fruit from The Philippines

From the outside the Pomelo fruit looks like a Melon of some kind. The skin is surprisingly soft, and relatively easy to peel. Inside The Philippines version of the Pomelo looks like a giant pink grapefruit.

What does pomelo taste like?

Pomelo fruit is not bitter at all. The taste is certainly a part of the citrus family but from the sweet variety. Pomelo fruit segments are large, and break easily. But unlike its grapefruit cousins the Pomelo segments stay intact.

Within each segment are strong pulpy cells that contain the sweet citrus like flesh. It makes The Filipino Pomelo a very easy fruit to eat. Although a little large for just one person.

Filipinos eat the Pomelo fruit with salt. But without salt it tastes just great. A really good fruit to take on hikes or treks due to its high level of water and ability to travel well.

This is an additional post and one of a series highlighting Filipino food

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9 Replies to “Food from The Philippines: Pomelo”

  1. tons of minerals in pomelo! we love this. famous ones are from up north in Ipoh. I like the sourish sweet ones. there are also the plain sweet pomelo :)

    1. -ciki- I like the sour / sweet ones too. Not sure if there’s just plain sweet here though. If I ask, then I just get a confused look :)

      -Ivy- I had no idea it was available in your place?! Well it’s all over the Philippines so you’ll not run out. And if you over here, I ‘ll be happy to give you as much info as you need!

      -Suzi- Your comment made me laugh. You’re the first person outside of the Philippines who “gets” the salt thing. I run away from fruit and salt mixed together!

      -Tim- Read more often! ;) Yes, still here. I wanted to see how the elections panned out. Pomelo seems to be in season year round, so you’ll be in luck in July / August.

  2. I have to go to the Philippines ! That’s my favorite fruit …mmmmhhhh : )

  3. That looks really good! And I “get” the salt thing – I like salt on my watermelon, believe it or not! :-)

  4. Dude, you’re still in PI? Obviously I haven’t visited your page for a bit though I though you’d have left by now. We’ll be moving there on July 30.
    My wife gets very excited about Pomelo, although the fruit grown locally here doesn’t compare to that grown in PI.
    Man I miss the food.

    Later, Tim

  5. The pomelo is a common fruit found in the Philippines all year round. Much larger than a grapefruit, the flesh ranges from pale yellow to dark pink. The really good ones come from Davao in Mindanao but they cost quite a fortune when sold in Manila.

    This citrus is found elsewhere in Asia. I’ve tasted one in Bangkok and it’s sweet, fleshy and delicious. In Singapore, I bought a shiny-skinned pomelo in one of their public markets. I even found and tasted one in Jericho in Israel.

    Thank you for featuring some of our fruits in the Philippines. Except for the marang, all the fruits you mentioned – durian, lanzones, rambutan, mangosteen, pomelo, santol, jackfruit – are grown in my farm in Laguna.

  6. i love pomelo when i have problem of constipation i eat that fruit . I always dream to have a farm full of growing pomelo .

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