Food from The Philippines: Quail Eggs

by Dave from The Longest Way Home ~ April 29th, 2010. Updated on July 27th, 2012. Published in: Travel blog » Food around the world » Filipino food.
Quail Eggs from The Philippines

Quail Eggs from The Philippines (click to enlarge)

Quail Eggs from The Philippines

From Balut to duck & chicken The Philippines, it seems, is quite partial to eggs. Walk down any food stall, shopping center, or night market and you will see various types of egg being cooked.

Quail eggs are usually gently steamed in large containers. The speckled shells are much thinner than chicken eggs so greater care is needed in cooking them.

The taste of a quail egg is not that different at all from a chicken egg. Quail eggs are, slightly sweeter, but not to any great degree. That said, Filipinos adore them. And, much like in other parts of the world they are special treat.

They are also not that expensive and well worth a try!

This is an additional post and one of a series highlighting Filipino food

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13 Great responses to Food from The Philippines: Quail Eggs

  1. SpunkyGirl says:

    I’ve never tried Quail eggs. I admit, I’m curious.

  2. Renny says:

    I’ve never tried either! Curious is the right word!

  3. Trixie says:

    I always thought quail eggs were considered a delicacy – apparently not in the Philippines. Learn something new every day, thanks for the write-up.

    • -Trixie- So did I. But they are really common here on the streets in the evenings. They are seen as being special here too, not everyone buys them as compared to regular, larger eggs, they are more a little more expensive.

      -Dina VagabondQuest- That’s interesting about the thick soy sauce. Over here they mix soy sauce with calamansi juice, and maybe some chili. Also some chili vinegar dressing too.

      -ciki- Food that’s bad for you usually tastes good! Everything in moderation ;)

  4. I had this a lot in Indonesia, love it. Many grocery stores have it. I usually eat that with “Kecap Manis” (or Indonesian thick sweet soy sauce) as condiment or just salt. Fun snack! Especially of you can get somebody peel them for you :D

  5. And oh, btw it’s cheap in Indonesia

  6. ciki says:

    these are delicious! apparently higher in cholesterol than ordinary larger eggs, that’s why it tastes so DAMN good! LOL

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  8. Try also the orange breaded quail eggs, dipped in sweet sauce or spiced vinegar. We (Filipinos) do love eggs! They’re (boiled ones) common snacks aboard a bus.

  9. T. Burd says:

    Amazing shot of the quail eggs! Loved the detail and the contrast!