Food from the Philippines: Turrón

Turrón - fried plantain
Turrón - fried plantain in filo type pastry

Turrón from The Philippines

Fried saba banana (similar to plantain) is available nearly everywhere in The Philippines. Turrón is a variation of this and is treated as a snack.

Saba or plantain is a type of banana that can only be eaten when cooked. Personally, I am not a huge fan of it as I find plantain to be quite dry. But, many tourists and Pinoys alike do like Turrón a lot.

Turrón is basically saba banana wrapped in a very thin pastry used for Lumpia and then dipped in brown sugar. Served on a BBQ skewer Turrón sells for as low as 5 pesos and is good snack food.

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8 Replies to “Food from the Philippines: Turrón”

  1. The “banana-cue” is probably better than turron, however, I found a delicious variation at Cafe San Luis in Lucban, Quezon. They use senorita bananas (the tiny ones) rather than plantain and drizzle a nice chocolate sauce on it. Sarap!

  2. bananas on sticks, bananas on plates.. banana on a tree.. tis ALL monkey food to me! nom nom nom! yumz .. :P

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