Great food from the Philippines: Calamansi

Plate of Calamansi fruit
Plate of Calamansi fruit

Calamansi fruit from the Philippines

  This is not really a mainstay food. But, it’s found on nearly every plate! From the outside Calamansi looks like a little lime, but once opened it looks like an orange.

In the Philippines it’s about a third the size of a golf ball and used extensively throughout the country as a seasoning.

What does calamansi taste like?

Calamansi fruit from the Philippines (click to enlarge)
Calamansi fruit from the Philippines

To me it tastes like a mandarin mixed with lime, sour yet with a sweet orange zest. It’s not so nice to eat alone, as it’s just too bitter.

However, when squeezed over food it becomes quite mild and is only faintly tasted. Moreover, it adds a unique and pleasant flavor. But do as the Filipinos do and it’s actually very nice.

Calamansi Juice:

Calamansi  is also used as a juice drink. I say juice drink as it’s usually pre mixed with honey and water. Calamansi juice is light, refreshing and is rapidly becoming very popular.

Calamansi is best mixed with soy sauce:

In most eateries and homes around the Philippines calamansi is mixed with soy sauce and chilli. This is then used as a dip for meat, or poured over a dish. Usually you mix this yourself at your table. So if you see these green fruits on a table in a little plastic dish; you know what to do!

Below is a slideshow with several different images of Calamansi from the Philippines

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  1. Dave, you’re covering all of my favorites here! I have eaten my body weight in squid (and then some!) and the staff where I am working in El Nido thinks I’m a total freak for chewing on calamansis all day. So long as you don’t like balut, we can dine together anytime!

    1. Hey Jodi,

      Yea can’t get enough Squid myself either! Hope you’ve been out squid fishing at night!

      No Balut here, though it’s coming up soon here! Same with some Sisig!

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