Food from the Philippines: Jollibee Burger

by Dave from The Longest Way Home ~ June 18th, 2009. Updated on August 30th, 2012. Published in: Travel blog » Food around the world » Filipino food.
A typical Jollibee Burger

A typical Jollibee Burger – there’s not a lot to it really

The Philippines Jollibee burger

It’s the king of fast food in the Philippines. It’s a social gathering point. And don’t let anyone hear you say anything bad about the place. Make no doubt about it, Jollibee is apart of Filipino cultural pride.

Nearly every town has one. And every city has dozens of them on every other corner and in the malls. The menu is fast food typical, and the service is pretty damn friendly. Be prepared for plenty “Welcome to Jollibee!”  once you enter. And my favorite depending on the size of the note you hand over. “I receive 500” said almost like a winning lottery ticket.

Jollibee for the traveler

Better than the food Jollibee makes for a welcome blast of air conditioning. With many chains staying open 24 hours a day it’s a good and safe place to wait for a ferry or bus.

The Jollibee Burger (click to enlarge)

The Jollibee Burger

What does a Jollibee burger taste like?

Ah the food? Well … Burger king it’s not. Breakfast pancakes are good. And the burgers … well …  the service is great!

Seriously though, the burgers are sweet. Filipinos like sweet food and the burger reflects that. There’s not much of a meat taste from them. Even the big triple burger lacks the taste of a juicy meat patty. As for vegetables? Forget it. The only thing green on the menu is a thin glimmer of lettuce. In reality you’ll be lucky to find any under the plain sweet bun.

By all means sit there and enjoy the air conditioning. Just don’t complain about the burger in public! As friendly as Filipino’s are they seem to take great offence to anyone criticizing this now staple of Filipino foods.

This is an additional post and one of a series highlighting food from the Philippines

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