Lechon from the Philippines

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Roasting Lechon in the Philippines

Lechon or spit roasted pig of the best most traditional Filipino foods

Lechon from the Philippines

Perhaps one of the most famous foods from the Philippines is Lechon. It’s basically spit roasted pig. You’ll find many a selection of mall eateries serving it up in various qualities. Some can be quite fatty. In night food markets it can be found but not so easily as it’s quite expensive. Better yet is at a Filipino celebration feast.

Lechon pig on a fiesta table

Lechon on a fiesta table

How is lechon made?

Nearly every lechon producer has their own way of roasting lechon. Many stuff the pig with lemongrass, onion and garlic. While nearly everyone coats the skin in a marinade to keep it from burning. The idea is to have the skin a crispy and edible as possible.

What is lechon like to eat?

I like lechon, but found the large chunks of fat to be challenging. In the Philippines the real treat is the crunchy skin. Many people eat lechon with their hands. Using a knife to cut a large portion while then using their hands to pull the meat apart.

How much does lechon cost in The Philippines?

In malls the cost is via weight, usually around 140 pesos for a quarter kilo. But I noticed the price changes widely across the country. A full commercial lechon is easily about 4,000 pesos upwards. The best option is to get invited to a Philippine party(fiesta) where you’ll get the best of the best lechon!

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