Great food from the Philippines: Sizzling Prawns

Sizzling Prawns in the Philippines (click to enlarge)
Sizzling Prawns in the Philippines

Sizzling Prawns from the Philippines

Famous for its seafood there’s no escaping the delights of fresh prawns in The Philippines. They come in different sizes. Large, largest and mini lobster sized. In fact the largest Prawns I’ve ever seen have been from the Philippines. And, they are good.

Though sometimes made into adobo, they are usually cooked on a BBQ or fried. Some night market stalls will serve them on a sizzling hot plate for extra pizzazz.

The smaller the prawn the cheaper it costs. Personally I go for the jumbo sized BBQ prawns, there’s a lot of meat on them so only a few are needed.

This is an additional post and one of a series highlighting Filipino food

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5 Replies to “Great food from the Philippines: Sizzling Prawns”

  1. Yup, my favorite too. We also have a cholesterol-inducing “eat all you can” crab buffet here at a cheap price. Fresh seafood is cheaper in my hometown because it’s nearer coastal areas.

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