Food from the Philippines: Squid

Sizzling Squid from The Philippines
Sizzling Squid from The Philippines

Squid from the Philippines

Squid is in plentiful supply all around the Philippine Islands. Mainly it comes in its adobo form which consists of a small squid chopped up in light adobo sauce mixed with the ink. It’s tastier than it looks.

Sizzling Squid

Found mainly in restaurants this is a larger squid stuffed with onion and tomato and then served on a hot plate. It usually has a sauce poured over it and is pre chopped up.

Barbecue Squid

By far my favorite way of having squid in the Philippines is on a BBQ. Night markets are the best place to find BBQ squid. If you are lucky the vendor will stuff the squid with tomato, garlic and a few other goodies. They are usually good in making sure it’s cooked properly but check to be sure.

Squid from the Philippines roasting on a Barbecue (click to enlarge)
Squid from the Philippines roasting on a Barbecue (click to enlarge)

Prices range from 60 pesos for local smaller squids. To 150 upwards for more open market touristy places with a bigger squid on offer. Though in some restaurants the price can easily double again!

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This is an additional post and one of a series highlighting Great Filipino food

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  1. Buddy, I can tell you, you are having a great time in Philippines. All these pictures of food stuff you are posting are mouthwatering.

    1. Hi Shivanand, Good to hear from you. Glad you are enjoying the series of posts on great food from the Philippines. I should have started it in India!

      Talk soon

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