Tempura and Kwek Kwek egg: street food from The Philippines

Tempura and Kwek-Kwek egg from The Philippines
Tempura and Kwek-Kwek (orange breadcrumb covered egg) from The Philippines

Tempura and Kwek Kwek egg from the Philippines

All around the Philippines you will find little carts with large aluminum containers.The long thin strips in the photograph are Tempura. This is basically a mix of white fish in mild spice and flour deep-fried. The Filipino version of fish finger.

It doesn’t taste very fishy, and is actually quite nice as a snack or small meal.

Kwek Kwek Egg

The thing that  looks like a little strange glowing orange ball is actually a pre-boiled chicken egg in light crumbs deep-fried. It tastes pretty much like any other boiled egg even with the colored coating.

Deep Fried Tempura and Egg (click to enlarge)
Deep Fried Tempura and Egg

Both of these are often served together and found at night stands along the side of the road.

Do be careful of the chili vinegar that sometimes gets poured over it (spicy).

Prices here vary but it’s about as cheap as you can go in the Philippines. You usually buy tempura in pieces of 3 or more.

This is an additional post and one of a series highlighting Great Filipino food from the Philippines

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6 Replies to “Tempura and Kwek Kwek egg: street food from The Philippines”

  1. It’s a great snack and quite addictive. This is the way I like my eggs in the Philippines, cooked and not-balut!

  2. oh! the orange egg is called quek quek i don’t know why. the long strips are called kikiam. the other circular ones are either fish balls, squid balls, or chicken balls. cheap & tasty indeed!

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