Food from Singapore: Beef ball noodle soup

Beef ball noodle soup from Singapore
Diner style beef ball noodle soup from Singapore


Beef Ball Noodle Soup from Singapore

This dish comes in two varieties in Singapore. A dried noodle kind with a lush thick gravy, and the above type which is a flavoursome soup.

Fabled by many a Singaporean, this dish is certainly more wholesome that your average noodle soup!

I counted three different types of beef in my soup. Meaty beef chunks, shredded beef and, or course, beef meat balls floating on top.

How does beef noodle soup taste?

I was not expecting quite so much meat. Nor did I think the beef would be as … well real as it was. These were real cuts of beef, and not from some unknown parts of the cow. Though, the beef meatballs were very pale, and didn’t quite have a beef flavor to them.

Noodles were plentiful, and the soup itself flavorsome with not much MSG style influence from what I could tell.

Hawker beef ball noodle soup vs diner beef ball noodle soup?

I ate this soup twice. Once at a popular diner, and once at popular hawker stall. The diner price was 3 times that of the hawker. While, the hawker soup was not so finely blended.

Either way, both were very good and well worth a try if you are in Singapore.

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14 Replies to “Food from Singapore: Beef ball noodle soup”

  1. Oh so this was what you were raving about! Yeah we LOVE the beefball noodle fm Sing too.. never miss it;) Did u try the one with the spare parts? haha.. i know the answer already actually :p Great shot!

    1. The lighting was really bad. Orange over headlights, and orange bowls. I have the RAW file, and still the colors are a little off. So, I shot it in BW, and it came out a lot better. I’m not sure it’s a new trend, but for some food photos I think it highlights the textures rather than the usual color fests.

  2. Meatball soup is a favorite of mine. In Singapore is a big meal, all the places a little different.

  3. i have had it before and it is pretty good, i was quite surprise with the amount of beef that was in it but pretty good and worth it! You definitely want to have an empty stomach for this one because it will make you full. It is also very interesting how different places have their own kick to it

  4. Your post is forcing me to admit, that yes, I have meat fantasies sometimes! Shame, shame for all the true vegetarians out there. The soup looks good, it reminds me of my mom’s beef brisket soap. Use to eat it up in copious amounts. Nowadays, I look, not touch. :)

  5. I love my meat, although I have been dropping back on it a bit of late. 3 meat styles in the one soup sounds interesting. Throw a bit of chilli in their and I’m done. Like the way you compared the street food to the restaurant. It’s always a mixed bag, sometimes you get what you pay for an at other times you can find a real gem.

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