Food from Singapore: Traditional breakfast – Kaya toast with half boiled egg and Kopi

Traditional Kaya Toast, soft boiled eggs and kopi from Singapore
Singapore’s national breakfast of Traditional Kaya Toast, soft boiled eggs and kopi from Singapore

Traditional Singaporean breakfast of Kaya Toast, half-boiled egg and Kopi

This is possibly the tastiest thing I’ve eaten in Singapore.  Which is likely why it’s the national breakfast of Singapore.

There are subtle variations on the type of bread used. Some toast is simply bread slices. Here, it’s a freshly toasted mini bread loaf.

Kaya is a spread made from eggs, sugar, coconut milk and sometimes flavored with pandan. It’s sweet, but hideously good!

As you can see mine came with an additional knob of butter sandwiched in the middle of the loaf. Weight watchers go home. This is not for you today.

Soft boiled eggs done the Singaporean way

Fresh toast smothered in Kaya jam and butter
Fresh toast smothered in Kaya jam and butter

Next up you are presented with a bowl containing two eggs, and an empty saucer with a high rim. You must now crack the half-boiled egg shells and place the contents in the saucer.

Your choice is to now mix in either light soy sauce, or dark. Plus, whatever else takes your fancy on the table. This done, you must now mix all the ingredients together yourself.

Once mixed, the choice is to eat the egg with a spoon. Dip the bread into it. Or, do as the locals and slurp the egg mixture down in several gulps via the saucer.

Kopi in Singapore is good!

Kopi, as you might have guessed is Coffee. And, in Singapore it’s very good. Strong, freshly brewed, and imported. A hawker’s coffee is only S$1 but a traditional Singaporean coffee-house coffee is well worth a dollar or two more.

That said, food in Singapore is on pare with Malaysia in terns of cost. My regular meals at sit down hawker stalls were always about S$2.50. And, that’s for a seriously good quantity of fine tasting food.

What does Kaya Toast and soft-boiled eggs taste like?

Exceptionally good! The soy sauce infused eggs counteract the sweetness of the Kaya jam perfectly. The toast is so soft and crunchy it’s melt in your mouth goodness. Mix these two things together and you have a fantastic breakfast, or day time snack.

When washed down with a Singaporean coffee you can sit back and enjoy the world rush by outside. Better yet, you can alway order the same again!

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  1. What an unusual combination of ingredients – eggs and coconut milk! Breakfast is my favorite meal and I love reading about it. Looks delicious as always!

  2. aaw… why do all the blogs that i read to day all about food… i miss the hawker’s center in singapore especially the ice coffee…

  3. coconut and milk is an interesting combination of ingredients but i love coconut and i think it would be delicious. I love your pictures! it really make me feel that the plate is right in front of me. I love breakfast and i am always looking for new ideas. I am not a big fan of coffee but i have heard that the coffee in other places is very very good!

  4. Dave! That’s one of my favourite morning meal over here too! Half-boiled eggs with toasts.. Very very good! And I’m glad you found your perfect black coffee finally! ;)

  5. Like this blog, bring real good thing to human, Thanks

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