Beef in gravy Thai style

Thai Beef & Gravy
Thai Beef & Gravy – not what you might think!

Give Thai beef and gravy a try!

I’m a big beef fan but not much of a beef and gravy fan. It’s also never been something that I’ve found done well in Asia. Usually beef in gravy has been thinly sliced bits of beef in a gelatinous sauce. I decided to give Thailand’s beef and gravy a try recently and was pleasantly surprised.

It’s certainly not a “western” version of this dish. And, it’s key to never think about this version either. In some ways it’s better not to think of it as beef in a meat sauce than gravy in the traditional sense.

A bowl of Thai beef and gravy
A tasty filling meal in Thailand

What does Thai beef in gravy taste like?

The beef is in typical thin slices. The major plus factor here is that there are no chillies found in this dish at all. So it’s great for non-spicy food lovers. Or those recovering from some thing too spicy the day before!

It’s also served in a bowl and not a plate as the gravy is more like a thick soup than a sunday roast drizzle. Don’t be put off though as the gravy is quite mild and palatable.

There’s usually some leafy vegetable mixed in as well which adds to the overall constitution of the dish.

It’s not spicy. The gravy is meaty and the beef soft with crunchy vegetables adding to quite an enjoyable dish.

Where can I get Thai beef in gravy?

It’s not that easy to find Thai beef in gravy. I found it usually added as an afterthought on many menus in tourist areas. I didn’t find it in any food court but there are a few places selling them in malls. However it’s too expensive to justify buying in malls. A better option is to simply look out for it around any of the mid-level restaurants near tourist sites you might be near.

Now that you know what Thai style beef and gravy is, compared to what you have thought it was, it might be worth trying!

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  1. Well considering Thai green curry does not taste the same outside of Thailand its a good thing our beef and gravy tastes different too

  2. Maybe it’s just meant to be some kind of thick soup?

  3. To be honest I think my kids would eat this before any fancy Thai food. Thanks for including it.

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