Pork in peanut sauce: Thai food

Pork in peanut sauce in Thailand
Thai Pork in peanut sauce
Pork in Peanut sauce: all the goodness of Thai red curry and coconut with the crunchy subtle flavors of peanuts.

Pork in peanut sauce is really red curry goodness

I’m not a huge fan of peanut sauces. They’re usually either too sweet or too bitter (W.Africa) for my liking. Not being a huge fan of Thai food either I wasn’t expecting much. But I was surprised. Very surprised at how good this dish is in Thailand.

Tasty, tasty peanut curry without the heat

The real key to this dish is not the peanut nor even the pork it’s the red curry and coconut sauce.

Plate of Thai pork and peanut sauce
Thai pork in peanut sauce looks as good as it tastes

It’s delicious. It’s so good I could use it as a dip on just about anything. To make matters even better the peanuts add a wonderful crunchy texture and nutty subtlety that’s just suburb.

The pork itself is usually relatively unseasoned and accompanied into a mix of green leafy vegetables. And that’s okay. The point of Thai food is after all flavor over substance in my view.

For those looking for more heat than a side dish of ground chili sauce is usually available.

A dish you can eat with just plain rice

One of the irks of South East Asia to be is getting a plate of tasteless rice (hello Philippines). Even in Thailand in some restaurants cheaper, less aromatic rice is used. Fear not if you order Pork in peanut sauce as the sauce absorbs into the rice wonderfully.

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12 Replies to “Pork in peanut sauce: Thai food”

  1. Loved this when we were in Thailand. I found a great place in Bangkok serving it in little china.

  2. Biggest problem I had in Thailand was not getting enough of food like this. I just kept eating and eating and eating :)

  3. Thailand has some of the best food I’ve ever tasted in the world, period. Bar none. Simple. If only it could be exported as it ain’t the same ere

  4. Looks delicious and it seems you finally found some nice Thai food to enjoy!

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