Thai food: Spicy pork in glass Noodles

Spicy pork in glass noodles
Spicy pork in glass noodles in Thailand is found everywhere in Thailand

Spicy Pork with glass noodles is a great choice when visiting Thailand

The word “spicy” and Thailand usually has me wincing at many a sadistic hawker lady. I like spicy but Thai spicy often means not getting to enjoy many of the other flavors in a Thai meal.

I rather think one of the enjoyable qualities of good food is the taste and its ability to eradicate your tastebuds. The key in solving this is to simply say “no spicy”. Nearly every vendor knows this.

Pork with glass noodles is delicious without copious quantities of chili. If, on the other hand, you opt for “spicy” then be prepared to accept the consequences.

What does Thai spicy pork with glass noodles taste like?

Glass noodles with pork in Thailand
Glass noodles with pork in Thailand is a great little “transparent” meal

Fresh, crunchy and slippery are the three things that first spring to mind. While the pork itself is nothing special and could easily be substituted with chicken or another staple the noodles and vegetables make the meal worth trying.

The noodles are usually al dente but never rubbery. Quickly cooked in a wok after the meat vegetables are added at the end. Lastly there is a stock splashed over everything at high heat to infuse the contents with a rich tangy taste.

What are Thai glass noodles?

Glass noodles are made from green beans (starch) and are also known as Chinese vermicelli or bean threads. While relatively tasteless by themselves they are  light to consume and easily flavored by accompanying foods.

Where can I get spicy pork in glass noodles?

Just about everywhere! Most Thai cafes serve them as do higher class restaurants. It’s hard to go wrong with glass noodles so there’s not a huge taste difference between both types of restaurants aside from price.

Again, the only issue I’ve ever had with this meal is the level of chili used. You have been warned!

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13 Replies to “Thai food: Spicy pork in glass Noodles”

  1. I love glass noodles. I eat them all the time. In Thailand I just couldn’t stop!

  2. I’m really surprised glass noodles are not more popular around the world. They come from beans right? Should be easy to produce.

  3. So the glass noodles counter the spiciness. That makes me happy :)

  4. It’s interesting to see how glass noodles show how much color is important in food.

  5. I tried to get glass noodles locally but failed. I could only find really thin noodles which didn’t taste as good. Shame. I guess I have to plan another vacation to Thailand!

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