Alexander the Great’s Persepolis city view in Iran – photograph

Persepolis city view
Persepolis city view in Iran
Persepolis city view in Iran

Persepolis city view in Iran

Persepolis was an ceremonial city during the Achaemenid Empire 550–330 BEC. It’s about 60km from the Iranian city of Shiraz. Contary to popular belive Alexander the Great did not Found Persepolis, this was most likely Cyrus the Great or Darius I. 

It was around 330 BEC that Alexander the Great invaded Persepolis but was ambushed by Ariobarzanes of Persis with great casualties occurring. Alexander did however, take the city.

It was around this time that a great fire engulfed the city. It’s not clear if the fire was set by Alexander or others. However many of the cities plans survived.

Persepolis today

For those new here you can read all about Iran here. Today it may seem like Persepolis is nothing more than ruins. Which it technically is. However, because much of the city was built in rock and marble so much of it is incredibly intact.

Indeed the “Persian Gates” that Alexander stormed still stand today. The gate posts at least. But it is here that you can still walk through them, surrounded by marble inscriptions, statues and pillars. It’s a significant feeling of historic grandeur.

Persepolis city view
Persepolis city view

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