Boy on a bike street art in Penang

Boy on a bike street art in Penang
Boy on a bike street art in Penang

Street Art in Malaysia gives hope

Malaysia is the only country in South East Asia where I’ve seen people take pride in Street art. Street art is prevalent in Sabah and and here in Penang though the capital also holds many exhibitions.

This piece of art is called “boy on a bike” and it’s the work of the Lithuanian-born artist Ernest Zacharevic who was commissioned to create it and others.

The story behind this photograph

As I roamed George Town Penang admiring the street art I was also thinking something else. How long would it all last? Already many of Zachharevic’s works had disappeared in only a couple of years. Weather was the main culprit. There were no protective coverings which can be devastating to open art in extreme weather conditions of South East Asia.

I’m guessing Penang’s authorities did not realise they would become so famous after they were commissioned. The street art in Penang has quickly become one of the most enjoyable and popular things to do in George Town. Walking tours of all the street art are daily. Local artists have joined in too.

There are some who try to protect the art works. However,  they are still fading away.

I rarely take photographs of other people’s works. I did so in Penang at the open air war museum where I found old WW2 photographs slowly decomposing.

Hopefully this will not be the case with Penang’s streets art. But just in case …

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