A head full of freedom, life starts in Portugal

Published in: Portugal | May 4th, 2005
My Laminated Map

Kicking things off on the overland travel search in 2005, Portugal. All journals were handwritten back then, so there’s not much here, bar this map!

Please read this before reading my Travel Journals

Published in: Website updates | March 9th, 2005

About my Travel Journals – 10 points of note: A lot of the earlier entries are written into my handwritten journals so they are not online. Older journal entries are rough and ready, take them as they are. If you start from the beginning you can witness the evolution of this online journal from notes,… Continue reading more »

Brasov, Translyvania – let me sleep damn it!

Published in: Romania | November 30th, -0001

Travel Journal Overview: I was finally on my own. Two countries behind I knew one person, now for the long road ahead I would know no one. I was also entering into one of those childhood wish list places. Transylvania. My alarm sounded, we were approaching Brasov, and it was still pitch dark outside. I… Continue reading more »