Changing of the guard ceremony at Wagah border between Pakistan & India – photograph

Changing of the guard between Pakistan and India at the border
Changing of the guard between Pakistan and India at the border

The Wagah Border ceremony between Pakistan and India

It’s one of the last great official borders of the modern world. Close to both Lahore and Amritsar it’s easily reached. A full guide to the Wagah border ceremony is here.

In todays dry boring borders of nothing but security checks and passport control watching the Wagah border ceremony is a restoration in the honor of nations.

The story behind the Wagah photograph

The best part of the story is in the link above. I was in Pakistan and crossing over to India when I first really discovered the ceremony. So much so, I extended my stay in Pakistan by a day to attend.

It’s funny how the world changes. The pomp and ceremony between these to “rival” nations is strong but at the same time honorable. There is a border, it’s often fought over. But here, it’s all about pageantry.

It would be great if more nations could return to this sort of spectacle. The same army guards the borders …

Wagah Border changing of the guard
Wagah Border changing of the guard

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