Ever heard of a meat called CDO?

A can of CDO meat from the Philippines
A can of CDO meat from the Philippines

CDO meat from the Philippines … Maybe … for some!

It was in Palawan at a local eatery that I asked a lady what type of meat was in one particular pot.

“CDO sir,” she replied. “Fresh!”

I looked at her with a confused frown. I’ll spare the translations. It took a good 3 minutes before her frustrations at me not knowing what type of Animal CDO came from forced her back into the kitchen. She emerged with a determined look and a small can.

CDO was indeed a brand name of processed beef. Canned meat is very popular in the Philippines due to it’s long shelf life and lack of refrigeration needs. On this occasion I turned down the stew of CDO as I’m not a fan of canned meat.

Sometime later I saw a can and bought it. The meat is often processed with various types of sauce.  I opened it up, and gagged.

I really thought some almighty bacteria had gotten a hold of it and unleashed the fury of something quite bowel shattering.

A Filipino friend beside me took a sniff an immediately began drooling, then proceeded to devour the cans contents.

Much like the Durian fruit, and the 100’s of dried fish types available I think this type of meat is an acquired taste. After all the millions of Filipinos who enjoy it can’t be wrong.

Coming soon:

One of the most incredible, charming & beautiful things on this planet …

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9 Replies to “Ever heard of a meat called CDO?”

  1. I think I would react the same way once I knew what it was, but this is one of those situations where it’s sometimes better not to ask at all or ask after the fact. I do, however, think it’s hilarious she said it was “Fresh”.

    1. -Cornelius Aesop- Yep, if I’d ordered the food made from this stuff, I wouldn’t have asked either. Hopefully the sauce would cover the smell!

      ken It’s been alright, what kind I am not sure. Says Beef/chicken and parts. hmmm

      Ha, yes nearly! It’s actually really popular here. Then again, so’s 2 year old dried fish … each to their own :)

    1. -riko- Believe me, no chance for the can, I value my bowel. And yes, I’ve had Durian, have a look through my Great Food from the Philippines category ;)

      -Nomadic Chick- Spam, yea that’s a tough one. It’s highly rated in The Philippines too and again, I pass …

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