Flash flood victims in The Philippines

Flash Flood Refuges - The Philippines
Children queuing for food after a flash flood in The Philippines
Children queuing for food after a flash flood in The Philippines

Flash flood victims in The Philippines

Natural disasters are common place in The Philippines. From super typhoons to earthquakes the island nations get more than its fair share from mother nature. That said the country is woefully underprepared every year.

During one such occasion I was there during a flash flood that destroyed many homes. A relief camp was set up and I visited it only to see things much worse than they should be.

The story behind this photograph

A flash flood in the Philippines had left thousands without food or shelter. I visited a temporary camp set up by a local business to distribute food and clothing. Most of it was orderly.

What I did not expect were jeepneys full of local people to come in take vast amounts and roll out to other areas.

What was left in the area I visited was less than what was needed. The result? As you can see from the children’s faces as they queued for a small plastic cup of rice porridge was that it had run out.

That simple plastic cup of watered down overcooked rice (rice porridge) was the only meal of the day. It wasn’t to be for these children.

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