Pumpkin seeding in Turkey

Woman seeding pumpkins in Turkey
Woman seeding pumpkins in Turkey

The woman just sat there all day taking the seeds out

Cappadocia turkey is a very beautiful place. From the fabled caves that are now tourist hotels to the hotair balloons that float high in the sky. What captured my attention? This woman and her mighty pile of pumpkins.

The story behind this photograph

I stayed in Goreme Cappadocia for quite a few weeks. There’s lots to do there from mountain biking to treks to hot air ballooning. Yet whenever I came out of my hotel I’d see this lady.

She sat there everyday with this huge pile of pumpkins. She had no interest in the pumpkin other than the seeds. The flesh was cast aside. She wanted the seeds and no more.

I know pumpkin seeds are a favourite snacks among many people but I also know the flesh of the pumpkin is valuable too. Not so for this woman. She just took the seeds out. Everyday for weeks. She sat there. Taking seeds out. No more.

She was always in the shadows. Always taking the seeds out. I asked a man if she spoke english but he said no. I asked why she was doing this? He didn’t know. She was simply collecting pumpkin seeds.

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