Photographing Miss Camigiun Island: Seeing the Unseen

Miss Camiguin Island
Miss Camiguin Island

Seeing the Unseen: Photographing Miss Camiguin Island at the Lanzones festival (a blast from the past)

With this mini series I’ve been able to show you some people and places as I travel Mindanao. Here’s one that I previously didn’t have time to publish on my first visit to a  tiny little island.

Camiguin is a tiny Island, just 63km takes you all the way around.  It lies just north of Mindanao but before Bohol.

Camigiun Island’s Lanzones festival (small sweet fruit) is held every October. I’ve been to this island many times, and they say the date is set … but really it’s a hit and miss up to a week before hand. Hopefully the official websites covering it will post well ahead of schedule so future tourists and visitors can plan ahead to visit this great festival! For those going to the Philippines in October 2010 especially!

So what happens when you get press access as a photographer to one of the best festivals in the Philippines? Well, you take your camera and you go of course!

As I headed under the stand I was immediately surrounded by a bevy of Filipino beauties. My luck was back, it was the start of the Miss Camiguin contest! Young ladies from all over the island were in a frenzy of preparation for this talent contest. According to one girl, a mix of beauty and dance.

Girls from eighteen up to their late twenties were all clustered into little groups in differing costumes. Each taking influence from local, native and traditional fare. Not to mention, the illusive and scarce Lanzone itself.

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Coming soon on Seeing the Unseen:The Filipino Garbage collectors

This is an additional post and one of a series highlighting the island of Mindanao & the people living in The Philippines

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11 Replies to “Photographing Miss Camigiun Island: Seeing the Unseen”

  1. Hum, hum … is it me or are you planning to stay a long, long time in the Philippines? If i were you i certainly would.
    And by the way, Miss Camiguin is lovely! Did you ask her permission to take her picture? ;)

    1. -Ivy- Ha! Already been here a long time. All part of the process. Previously I went through some countries quite quickly. To take one’s time brings in many more elements of finding a place to live than shorter ones that can be used later. But yes, there is a crossroads up ahead. And the current situation here is not so good. See the previous post.

      And yes, I was apart of the photographers core at the Camiguin event. It’s nearly the opposite there with people asking you to take photos for publicity! :)

  2. What I like about your website is that you really tell it like it is. A refreshing change.

    Keep up the good work

  3. Nice blog,anyway have you already decided where to take roots?Don’t forget to visit Brazil,another excellent option of where to stay for good.Good luck!!!

    1. -rebecca- Thank you! No nothing is decided at all. Brasil is on my list, in fact it’s quite high up. But at the moment it’s quite a distance away. Things might change though. Thanks again, for stopping by!

  4. Born and was raised in the Philippines but is already 36 yrs.away from my country.I had been living in Europe for some years and now my family have decided to stay in Brazil for good.Its a multicultural country and it seems I fitted myself alright here.I hope you can come and see Brazil before you can decide of where to stay for good.
    With all the pros-cons Philippine is a great friendly and hospitable country.Hope to see you there sometime.

    1. -rebecca- That’s really interesting. I had not considered Brazil to be hugely multicultural, but I can see how it is. Likewise how you opted to settle there rather than Europe. But as you say that you fitted in there – Then that answers the question very well. :) If it feels right, then go for it. You did! Very happy for you!

      -Ben- Glad to hear that! It’s good to know it’s appreciate. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  5. I like the pictures and the chronicle of all places you visit. The beauty you bring to life!

  6. I first read ypur blog several years ago as I was preparing to quit uk. At that time you were in S. America and trying to get back into Russia. I’m now in the Philippines and I’ve been here 3 years. Built my own house, married, a kid etc. Similar story to many westerners coming here.
    I am just reading yopur Philippines blog now so may send a more detailed comment when I’ve finished but just wanted to say ‘Hey, you were at Camiguin 2010 festival!’ I am surprised you didn’t comment on the bike (cycle) racing. You’d have seen many westerners competing including myself and a german and a dutch friends. All around your age (45-ish) fit and strong(-ish). As an ex-para I’d have thought this lifestyle would be more ‘you’ rather than mingling with tourist in palawan. If you ever return keep an eye on the mountain bike scene. Excellent cross country riding here in the hills around Dumaguete.

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