Hotel booking now available on The Longest Way Home

Hotel booking and room rate search now available on The Longest Way Home
Hotel booking and room rate search now available on The Longest Way Home

Search & book a hotel room with The Longest Way Home

A few years ago … well nearly five years ago, I offered hostel and hotel booking here. It didn’t last long as quite honestly the company offering the service did not live up to their side of things. The end-user was treated fine but I personally found their links and system poorly administrated so I decided to let them go.

Better to offer no service than a bad one

Since then I’ve kept an eye out for an accommodation booking partner that I personally would use. There have been many proposals and many companies requesting I host their services. Nothing really jumped out. I kept looking.

New hotel search methods

Top trusted hotel booking sites
search all the top hotel booking sites on one page

One of the best online hotel search systems is one that uses data from all the other hotel booking websites; thereby giving you a list of the best rooms to choose from.

By showing all the hotel booking sites and finding the best rates, reviews and choices in accommodation you get to select a hotel from multiple sources on one page. A win win situation for the person looking for the best deal.

I worked through several of these systems and finally settled on two. Both systems were too close to call in offering you the best in prices and a wide selection of rooms.

I finally picked one system over the other as it offered a great way to sort through hotels by price, ratings, reviews and many more options. Better yet, it’s all done live and is very fast.

How I look for the best value for money hotel rooms online

When looking for a hotel room I first think how much? Then what facilities and location. Then what have others said about it e.g. cleanliness, staff friendliness etc. And finally a few extra things like restaurants, WiFi, tour desk, booking facilities and type of clientele they serve.

In all honesty the best hotel rates are not listed online. And quite often I will search out new accommodation if I arrive into a city early in the day. But not everyone has this luxury and people often need to book before arriving.

That’s where my new hotel room search page comes in.

All the best hotel booking sites under one roof

Search for hotels using fast filters
Search for the right hotels using fast filters

I’ve combined internationally recognized and trusted hotel booking sites like,,,,, and many more into one giant search engine to give you the greatest choice.

What you get by searching for a hotel here on The Longest Way Home:

  • Search for hotels anywhere in the world – over 2,000,000 hotels currently listed
  • Trusted and secure bookings via the above websites
  • Sort by price, guest ratings, or by hotel star rating 1-5
  • Sort by hotel type e.g. Hostel, Guesthouse, B&B, Hotel etc,.
  • Sort by facilities e.g. high-speed internet, car parking, swimming pool etc,.
  • Have prices shown in your own currency
  • Put a price cap on your search so you won’t get rates higher than what you can afford
  • See location maps of the hotels
  • Prices include all taxes and no extras
Accommodation and Hotels in Spain
Click to visit this search box on my Travel Guide to Spain page

7 easy steps to search and book a hotel with ease

Let’s say you want to know the price of rooms in Spain?

Step 1) First You can go to the accommodation section of my travel guide to Spain and use the handy search widget there. Or you can use my global hotel booking search here. You should see a badge on my blogs side bar too. Just click it.

Step 2) Type in the country, or city you are interested in (add dates if you know them, if not no problem). In this case Spain. You’ll now get a huge list of cities in Spain!

Great, now click on a city, let’s say Barcelona. Now watch as this website jumps into action and searches all the available hotels and rooms in Barcelona. Pretty good eh?

Step 3) Now we have a huge selection of hotels but the prices are a little steep. So we can do one of several things here to get exactly what we want. Personally, I just click “Price” at the top to search from the cheapest up. Now I’ve got a selection of cheaper beds!

Search by rating, star, price or guest rating
Search by rating, star, price or guest rating

Step 4) Optional search – get a private room. I see lot’s of hostels and dorm beds showing up. But today I want a private room. So let me get rid of those hostel dorm rooms by ticking Bed & Breakfast + Apartment in the left hand sidebar. The results change automatically and now only private rooms show up!

Step 5) Look through what’s on offer by clicking the name of the hotel you like. A new page quickly loads showing you the best rates, what the hotel has on offer and guest reviews. Don’t like something, no problem press the back button and look at a different hotel.

Step 6) If you like what the hotel has on offer and the price click “Go” to quickly see the latest information on the hotel.

Click go to see special deals
Click go to see special deals!

Super Tip: by clicking “Go” you get to see the latest offers from the hotel, including many discount rates not originally shown!

Step 7) Book your room or feel free to keep on browsing for more hotels.

Is booking a hotel online the cheapest way to get a hotel room?

No. The cheapest rooms and hotels are not mentioned online! But that doesn’t suit everyone. Some people want the reassurance of seeing other guests reviews, or seeing prices up front. If on limited vacation time booking online simply makes sense.

My new hotel booking & search facility takes the hard work out of opening up many windows and looking for the best deals from many companies or hotels. It combines them all into one place: right here.

What’s more once you click “Go” there are often many discounted rates you won’t see elsewhere. Give it a go and see for yourself!

Search for the best hotel rates with The Longest Way Home

Search for Hotels with The Longest Way Home here

This is an additional feature article introducing hotel booking and search on The Longest Way Home

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12 Replies to “Hotel booking now available on The Longest Way Home”

  1. My wife does the hotel bookings for our trips. That is if we decided on taking a hotel instead of a holiday rental. Will bookmark this page. Aren’t you thinking of including a search for B&Bs too

    1. Hi Michael thank you for the support. Yes a search for B&B’s is there! Once you enter in your location and date there’s a fast filter on the left side bar which has B&B’s listed. Just tick B&B’s and the search result will update automatically showing only B&B’s!

      Here’s an example for only Bed & Breakfasts in Rome, Italy. I hope that is what you were looking for.

  2. Great to see you taking initiative on something like this. Had a look, lots of options, just great

  3. Great to see this and great is included.
    So when I book in future I do it through your page and you get some % provision :)

    1. Yes is here along with many more I’ve not listed. I nearly went exclusively with them but wanted to give people here as wide a choice as possible! Thanks for your support! :)

  4. Hi hi hi,

    Congratulations on the new hotel booking service. I really think its neat you grouped all booking sites together.

    Question. I saw hostels mentioned. Do you cater to backpackers too with dorm beds?

  5. I always book through,it’s a must as I intensively fly with Ryanair,but I can do it the same through your page in change of the much you did for free.

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