Hanuman Sadhu, Shivaratri Nepal

Published in: Nepal | March 7th, 2016
Hanuman Sadhu Shivaratri Nepal

The Hanuman Sadhu at the Shivaratri Festival in Nepal Today is the Shivaratri festival in Nepal. An annual Hindu festival to celebrate the God Shiva who is also the lord of yogis (practitioners of yoga). Hanuman, also known as Mahavira or Bajrangbali, is another Hindu god who is devoted to Rama however in certain texts he is… Continue reading more »

The best guidebook to the Kathmandu Valley (updated 2016)

Published in: Nepal |
Kathmandu Valley Guidebook cover

 The evolution of travel guidebooks continues (updated 2016) The second and latest edition of my Kathmandu Valley Guidebook in my Nepal guidebook collection has been published. Unlike my guidebook to Kathmandu city, this guidebook is for the entire Kathmandu Valley region. The Nepalese tourism board are encouraging tourists to come back which will help Nepal recover. And, I agree.… Continue reading more »

The rise & decline of Lumbini in Nepal

Published in: Nepal | February 24th, 2016
Maya Devi Temple in Lumbini

The Birthplace of Buddha is in dire need of some spirituality I’ve visited Lumbini many times over the years. The first time was because it was the birthplace of Buddha. A place that could surely be matched in importance with Jerusalem or Mecca. What I found was an uninspired town, hidden monks and a less than stellar… Continue reading more »

Elephant tourism in Nepal: is it different?

Published in: Nepal | February 10th, 2016
Elephants and park rangers work together in Chitwan Nepal

Is ethical elephant tourism different in Nepal compared to Thailand? Yes, is the honest answer. But that still doesn’t make it right. Then again, without this form of elephant tourism Nepal wouldn’t have any elephants in the wild, or rhinos or tigers or possibly any forest. While Thailand is making world headlines for its long running… Continue reading more »

The Latest Guidebook to Pokhara

Published in: Nepal | January 27th, 2016
Pokhara guidebook cover

The most updated and detailed guidebook to Pokhara, anywhere! The first of my second edition guidebooks for Nepal has just been published. This 2016 edition marks the continued success of my guidebook collection which offer more detail, practical advice, reviews and maps than you’ll find anywhere else. Nepal is a very different country to Thailand or Spain… Continue reading more »

Where to buy tea in Nepal

Published in: Nepal | January 20th, 2016
Tea in Nepal

Discovering great tea was hard until I met the tea connoisseur of Kathmandu I never really understood why so many people liked tea. The whole world seemed to like it and I was always the odd the one out. To me tea always came in a little soggy bag and never quite had the punch of an… Continue reading more »

The disappearing temples of Pokhara

Published in: Nepal | January 6th, 2016
Old Bazaar Pokhara

Did you know that there are dozens of temples in Pokhara? Very few people explore Pokhara beyond the popular Lakeside area. It’s not hard to imagine why either as very little “old” culture is ever promoted there. An unfortunate result of big resort hotels and adventure activities outshining the past. Back in the mid 17th century… Continue reading more »