Solitary Prayers in Pakistan

Published in: Pakistan, Photography | December 28th, 2014
Man Praying in Lahore, Pakistan

A man praying in Lahore Pakistan As I right this I realise I’ve not published a photograph of the mosque this man is praying in. It’s Badshahi mosque in Lahore Pakistan. The most impressive mosque I’ve visited. The story behind this photograph I’ve visited many mosques around the world. Architecturally I like them. In Pakistan… Continue reading more »

Hand & machine tea leaf pickers in Malaysia

Published in: Malaysia, Photography | December 27th, 2014
Tea Plantation, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Tea leaf picking in the highlands of Malaysia The Cameron Highlands is probably my favourite place in Malaysia. The cool air. The mountains. The amazing food and rural aspect of it all. On a visit to one of the tea plantations I was taken back by how old school it still was when it came… Continue reading more »

Pumpkin seeding in Turkey

Published in: Photography, Turkey | December 26th, 2014
Pumpkin Seeding - Turkey

The woman just sat there all day taking the seeds out Cappadocia turkey is a very beautiful place. From the fabled caves that are now tourist hotels to the hotair balloons that float high in the sky. What captured my attention? This woman and her mighty pile of pumpkins. The story behind this photograph I… Continue reading more »

Flash flood victims in The Philippines

Published in: Philippines, Photography | December 26th, 2014
Flash Flood Refuges - The Philippines

Flash flood victims in The Philippines Natural disasters are common place in The Philippines. From super typhoons to earthquakes the island nations get more than its fair share from mother nature. That said the country is woefully underprepared every year. During one such occasion I was there during a flash flood that destroyed many homes.… Continue reading more »

Crucifix on a Romanian Castle Wall

Published in: Photography, Romania | December 25th, 2014
Cross on Castle - Romania

A large cross adorning a broken abode in a Castle in Romania It’s not something I would have expected to see from visiting a castle in Transylvania in Romania. The outer wall fortification was made up of houses which is not uncommon. In this case one had broken and on the outer wall hung this huge… Continue reading more »

The Golden Temple at night in Amritsar India

Published in: India, Photography | December 24th, 2014
Golden Temple at Night - India

Is the Golden Temple more impressive than the Taj Mahal … When people speak of must see sights in India the Taj Mahal is nearly always at the top of the list. While the Taj is an impressive building and it does feel surreal to visit it I found the Golden Temple to be far more impressive. The… Continue reading more »

Stilt House Girl from the Philippines

Published in: Philippines, Photography | December 23rd, 2014
Stilt House Girl - The Philippines

A stilt house girl who’s not so happy Davao in the far south of The Philippines is one of the nicer cities in the country. The traffic is not so heavy, the taxis don’t cheat and it’s not so polluted. It doesn’t mean there aren’t problems there. Stilt houses run along the shore fronts here.… Continue reading more »