What would it be like to live in Nepal?

Published in: How to live overseas, Nepal | October 15th, 2013
Crowds and rooftops of Patan, Nepal

Living in Nepal as a foreigner I usually end out a longer term stay in a country by writing about what it’s like to live there. These are my experiences and opinions. It’s a diverse world we live in. While some people “live in Nepal” as diplomats or Aid workers others work in regular jobs,… Continue reading more »

Food in Nepal: Silver coated Gulab Jamun

Published in: Nepalese food | September 25th, 2013
Gulab jamun in Nepal

Silver coated Gulab Jamun in Nepal It’s a super sweet desert known all over the Indian subcontinent. I even found gulab jamun in Malaysia. In Nepal I was hoping for the same thing, what I got was quite different in many senses! What is Gulab Jamun? Deep fried flour made with milk and sugar which… Continue reading more »

Nepalese souvenirs & shopping in Kathmandu

Published in: Nepal | September 11th, 2013
Papier mache souvenir dolls from Nepal

Nepalese souvenirs are some of the best in the world You might notice a lot of low quality made in China type souvenirs invading the stands and stalls of many tourist destinations these days. From bracelets to clothes and the odd indigenous mask. They look great until you realize they weren’t made locally. If there’s… Continue reading more »

Local Dal Bhat from Nepal and a look at some of the other types

Published in: Nepalese food | September 2nd, 2013
A plate of Local dal bhat from NepalA plate of Local dal bhat from Nepal

Local Dal Bhat is nothing to get excited about – except if you are hungry In this series of the real Nepalese food you will find when traveling in Nepal I’ve covered the Tourist version of Dal Bhat and the trekkers version of Dal Bhat. Finally we take a look at what the locals eat from this… Continue reading more »

Cultural integration, racism in Nepal & the great white elephant syndrome

Published in: Nepal | August 20th, 2013
A Nepalese Elephant

Is social integration in Nepal possible for a foreigner? Racism in Nepal –  does it exist?  Or is it a reality everywhere today? Could racism in Nepal really be all that different? Perhaps living here as a foreigner has taught me too much about really integrating with an open society over the long-term. I’m desperately writing this before it’s… Continue reading more »

Food in Nepal: Momo soup

Published in: Nepalese food | August 14th, 2013
Momo soup from Nepal

Momo soup for those cold days and great lunches I’ve covered just about every typical momo variation I can think of here. From tourist momo’s in Nepal, to local momos and fried momos. This is the last of the great momo posts. And it’s one of the uncovered great ones. Momo soup is not all… Continue reading more »

Mining the river Seti in Pokhara

Published in: Nepal | August 5th, 2013
Families working in a river mine in Nepal

River Mining the Seti river in Pokhara Nepal Quite often you will hear people saying “if you go back to a place it will never be the same as it was before”. One of the most enduring, albeit slightly haunting, memories I have of my previous journey to Nepal was meeting a 12-year-old river mining… Continue reading more »