Solo trekking to Everest is NOT banned in Nepal – climbing might be

Published in: Nepal | January 3rd, 2018
Everest Base Camp Sign

Nepal bans solo “climbing” of Mount Everest Nepal has not banned solo trekking to Everest Base Camp or anywhere else! I’ve been getting a lot of emails over the Christmas and New Year holidays about big news media headlines announcing that Nepal has banned solo climbers from summiting Everest. There is no ban on trekking.… Continue reading more »

What to do in Nepal for Christmas & the New Year

Published in: Nepal | December 20th, 2017
Christmas tree in Pokhara

Spending Christmas & the New Year in Nepal I’ve spent many a Christmas and New Year in Nepal. There’s plenty to do, but it’s not always so easy to figure it out. Here’s a helping hand if you happen to be spending the holidays in Nepal! First things first, do realize that Nepal by virtue… Continue reading more »

The Mountain Shadow: book review

Published in: India, Reviews | December 5th, 2017
The Mountain Shadow Book Cover

The Mountain Shadow is the sequel to the epic Shantaram by David Gregory Roberts The Mountain Shadow: is a book I was looking forward to read for many years. If you’ve read my review for Shantaram then you’ll know I felt it was one of the best travel books I’ve ever come across. By proxy… Continue reading more »

The most common questions & mistakes people make when trekking in Nepal

Published in: Nepal | November 23rd, 2017
Trekkers on a trail in Nepal

From no money to no time, many trekkers are sacrificing their lives & holidays when they shouldn’t be Over the past 10 years I’ve received countless emails with questions about trekking in Nepal. Of the majority the following two questions are the most common: I don’t have enough money, can I go without a guide? I… Continue reading more »

Nepali trekking lodges & tea houses – what to expect

Published in: Nepal | November 8th, 2017
Tea Houses in Nepal

What’s it like to stay in a trekking lodge or teahouse in Nepal? It’s like a cross between a commercial “homestay” and a budget family guest house. Truth be told, there are lots of accommodation options when trekking in Nepal that fall into the categories of trekking lodge, teahouse, guesthouse and hotel. There’s very little… Continue reading more »

How to avoid scams & rip-off travel agents in Nepal

Published in: Nepal | October 25th, 2017
Pashmina seller in Kathmandu

How to avoid getting ripped off in Nepal For over a decade I’ve watched tourists come and go from Nepal along with the tour agencies that have served them. I’ve also witnessed tourists getting scammed, ripped off and cheated from small change to hundreds of USD. This sort of thing happens in all parts or… Continue reading more »

An important tip when trekking to Everest Base Camp – climb Kala Patthar

Published in: Nepal | October 14th, 2017
Kala Paathar mountain

Probably the best tip anyone can get on the EBC trek is to also climb Kala Patthar I’m writing this because recently I’ve noticed a few trekkers come back from doing the Everest Base Camp trek saying they never even heard of Kala Patthar or others who are being charged extra to climb it. The… Continue reading more »