Great food from the Philippines: Guso (seaweed)

Guso (seaweed) from the Philippines (click to enlarge)
Guso (seaweed) from the Philippines (click to enlarge)

Guso seaweed from the Philippines

Guso is a popular side dish found in the Philippines both in homes and in public cafes at night. Guso itself is a seaweed and bright green in color.

How is Guso prepared

Guso is  soaked in vinegar and mixed with ginger, red bell pepper and tomato with some onion, its served cold. It tastes mainly of the dressing but the crunchy texture is really nice and similar to cucumber.

Guso is found in most night food markets but not really something you’ll see at corner street stalls though. It’s served mainly as a side dish and costs about 7-15 pesos for a small plate.

Below is a slideshow of Guso photographs and images

This is an additional post and one of a series highlighting Great Filipino food from the Philippines

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4 Replies to “Great food from the Philippines: Guso (seaweed)”

  1. oh! it’s just called “kiam-chai”. salty pickled veges.. me thinks;) but this is Hokkien. I don’t know what else it is called otherwise.

  2. GUSO is a green seaweeds which is also called ‘GREEN ROSE’ in Japan.
    I currently work in a company exporting this kind of food:)

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