Great food from the Philippines: Tocino

by Dave from The Longest Way Home ~ May 26th, 2009. Updated on September 3rd, 2012. Published in: Travel blog » Food around the world » Filipino food.
Pork Tocino from the Philippines (click to enlarge)

Pork Tocino from the Philippines

Tocino from the Philippines

Tocino is usually made from pork, though it can also be made from other meats. It’s a bright reddish/pink  color from being marinated in anise wine, annatto, water, salt, sugar. Though I’ve seen vinegar being used on many an occasion.

What does pork tocino like?

The taste is quite sweet and it can be a little sticky. It is however very tender. If it’s too sweet then try squeezing calamansi juice over it which actually really does improve the whole flavor of the dish. 

The long shelf life tocino

One of the unusual things about Tocino is that is can last for quite a while without refrigeration. The alcohol from the wine helps. It’s found in mid range eateries and up but I’d really advise you to try and get some fresh tocino.

A small plate will cost around 35 pesos.

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3 Great responses to Great food from the Philippines: Tocino

  1. Get A Trip says:

    We are steadfastly printing out some of your cuisine recommendations as we will be going back to the Philippines and some of this does not seem familiar. We were there for only a short time compared to you, but we can learn from your experiences. You have been gone for over four years traveling? Incredible– you are the man–

    • Hi there, glad you are finding my articles on food from the philippines so useful. Theres lots of good food here. One just has to find it and ignore the critics! Thanks again for stopping by, and for your flattering words

  2. That made me feel hungry :P says:

    I really find your site very interesting and useful. I even bookmark it on my Home. We usually travel to other countries during our vacation time but I don’t just go for the sites and experiences but also for the local cuisine :D Thanks for making this useful site. Keep on traveling Dude :P