House of Terror in Hungary – Photograph

by Dave from The Longest Way Home ~ December 23rd, 2016. Published in: Travel blog » Hungary.
House of Terror in Budapest Hungary

House of Terror in Budapest Hungary

A museum of terror in Budapest

The 20th-century House of Terror (Terror Haza) in Budapest Hungary is dedicated to fascist and communist exhibits. It also couples as a memorial to the people tortured and killed in the building.

Unlike other buildings in Budapest the House of Terror was purpose built and is surrounded in controversy.


The story behind this photograph

Although Budapest is rich in cultural history I always struggle for things to do there. I approached the House of Terror thinking it was an old prison or the like. Little did I know but it was actually created in 2002! However the building had been used as a torture house before.

The building is filled with memorabilia from communist times along with a basement with reconstructed prisons. It’s all a bit strange to have abstracts memorabilia without much information on what actually happened here. As in specifics. That said there are some exhibitions of torture and horror there.

Today the museum gets over 1,000 visitors a day. From the outside the museum is a strange communist era concrete monster with a modern day roof with the words terror written on it. The whole place seems to be very commercial as opposed to a memorial.



House of Terror museum Hungary

House of Terror museum Hungary

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