Homeless mother and baby in Nepal – photograph

Homeless mother and baby in Nepal
Homeless mother and baby in Nepal
Homeless mother and baby on the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal

Homeless mother & child on the streets of Kathmandu

It’s very common to see homeless people in Kathmandu city. Just walk down by Tri Devi Marg on the border of Thamel and you’ll see countless street children, beggars and homeless people there.

There’s a massive divide between rich and poor in Nepal. The 2015 earthquake has nothing to do with this mother on the streets. She was there before the earthquake and after it. It’s a simple fact of life.


The story behind this photograph

Although women in Nepal hold a lot of marital power they are also vulnerable to cultural dictates. Many times when a womans husband dies and she does not agree with his side of the family she will be treated badly. Likewise when a woman leaves her family home to get married she may not always be welcome back.

While the above is true, there are also other reasons for a mother and baby to be homeless in Nepal. One sad fact is that they may not be homeless. They may simply be working as beggars. This is more common than many people realise in Nepal. It’s also very hard to tell the difference between a “fake homeless person” and a real homeless person.

Corrupt NGOs don’t help matters either. There’s no regulation so donating doesn’t help when you don’t know where the cash goes. I’ve never seen active people trying to help homeless parents in Kathmandu. Apparently they exist, but I’ve never seen anyone on the streets actually aiding them.

I do urge anyone wanting to get involved to read street children of Kathmandu and the reality of volunteering in Nepal before making any decisions on how to help.



Homeless mother and baby in Nepal
Homeless mother and baby in Nepal

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