Stonemason at work in Bhaktapur

Published in: Nepal | March 28th, 2018
Stonemason in Bhaktapur Nepal

A photograph of a stonemason symbolizes … You may recognize the above photograph from my article on reconstructing the Vatsala Durga temple. It was about being the first independently funded temple to be rebuilt. The donor list is virtual empty … and that’s okay. There’s much more going on with this photograph Nepal is looked… Continue reading more »

Reconstructing the Ashok Stupa in Thamel

Published in: Nepal | March 14th, 2018
Ashok Stupa in Thamel

A community rebuilds an ancient stupa … The Ashok stupa is located along the little adjoining lane named Ashok Galli in southern Thamel. For many years I’ve taken this shortcut between two of Thamel’s main streets, Amrit and Thamel Marg,  leading to Jyatha. Prior to the 2015 earthquake the old Ashok stupa, whose fenced off… Continue reading more »

Bookshops in Kathmandu, Nepal

Published in: Nepal | March 1st, 2018
Book Paradise in Kathmandu

Where are the best bookstores in Kathmandu? It’s a relative question, but all the answers on bookshops are here. Are you looking for travel books? International fiction (crime, thriller, western, romance etc) Nepali literature or non fiction? Are you a tourist or Nepali? The good news is that Kathmandu still has an impressive amount of… Continue reading more »

The Best Guidebook to Nepal

Published in: Nepal |
Best guidebook to Nepal

The travel guidebook evolution continues in Nepal The  latest editions in my Nepal guidebook collection have been published and fully updated with the release of the best guide book to Nepal 2018. It’s not just a collection of my individual guidebooks to Nepal but this is in fact the most updated and innovative guidebook to the entire… Continue reading more »

The Bestselling Guidebook to Nepal & Bitcoin Cryptocurrency purchase options!

Published in: Nepal | February 14th, 2018
Digital and print Nepal guidebooks

My Nepal guidebook has outsold all the others … & is now available in Bitcoin! Two announcements! Part I: Making it to the bestseller list Part II: New Bitcoin, Litcoin crypto purchase options of the guidebook here It made a good start to the new year when my publisher at Himalayan Travel Guides was tallying up… Continue reading more »

Liquid Gold: finding & losing the best coffee in Nepal

Published in: Nepal | February 1st, 2018
Freshly roasted espresso coffee in Pokhara Pizza and Coffee

What’s coffee like in Nepal? If I’d had the ability 10 years ago, I’d have invested in Nepali coffee. I still might, if it weren’t for Nepali bureaucracy. The coffee in Nepal is amazingly good but poorly roasted (do see my review on the best coffee beans in Nepal). It’s one of the few things that remains… Continue reading more »

Lakeside Pokhara: over ten years of change in Nepal’s iconic resort town

Published in: Nepal | January 17th, 2018
Boats by Phewa Lake in Pokhara , Nepal

Arriving in Lakeside over ten years ago After crossing the India Nepal border in Sunauli, Pokhara’s Lakeside was my first destination over ten years ago in Nepal. I was expecting a commercial tourist hub but instead got a near on idyllic lakeside township. Unlike other towns along a lake, Pokhara was highlighted even more by… Continue reading more »