The Bestselling Guidebook to Nepal & Bitcoin Cryptocurrency purchase options!

Published in: Nepal | February 14th, 2018
Digital and print Nepal guidebooks

My Nepal guidebook has outsold all the others … & is now available in Bitcoin! Two announcements! Part I: Making it to the bestseller list Part II: New Bitcoin, Litcoin crypto purchase options of the guidebook here It made a good start to the new year when my publisher at Himalayan Travel Guides was tallying up… Continue reading more »

Liquid Gold: finding & losing the best coffee in Nepal

Published in: Nepal | February 1st, 2018
Freshly roasted espresso coffee in Pokhara Pizza and Coffee

What’s coffee like in Nepal? If I’d had the ability 10 years ago, I’d have invested in Nepali coffee. I still might, if it weren’t for Nepali bureaucracy. The coffee in Nepal is amazingly good but poorly roasted (do see my review on the best coffee beans in Nepal). It’s one of the few things that remains… Continue reading more »

Lakeside Pokhara: over ten years of change in Nepal’s iconic resort town

Published in: Nepal | January 17th, 2018
Boats by Phewa Lake in Pokhara , Nepal

Arriving in Lakeside over ten years ago After crossing the India Nepal border in Sunauli, Pokhara’s Lakeside was my first destination over ten years ago in Nepal. I was expecting a commercial tourist hub but instead got a near on idyllic lakeside township. Unlike other towns along a lake, Pokhara was highlighted even more by… Continue reading more »

Solo trekking to Everest is NOT banned in Nepal – climbing might be

Published in: Nepal | January 3rd, 2018
Everest Base Camp Sign

Nepal bans solo “climbing” of Mount Everest Nepal has not banned solo trekking to Everest Base Camp or anywhere else! I’ve been getting a lot of emails over the Christmas and New Year holidays about big news media headlines announcing that Nepal has banned solo climbers from summiting Everest. There is no ban on trekking.… Continue reading more »

Alexander the Great’s Persepolis city view in Iran – photograph

Published in: Iran | January 2nd, 2018
Persepolis city view

Persepolis city view in Iran Persepolis was an ceremonial city during the Achaemenid Empire 550–330 BEC. It’s about 60km from the Iranian city of Shiraz. Contary to popular belive Alexander the Great did not Found Persepolis, this was most likely Cyrus the Great or Darius I.  It was around 330 BEC that Alexander the Great invaded Persepolis… Continue reading more »

Colorful Boats on Begnas Lake, Pokhara, Nepal – photograph

Published in: Nepal | January 1st, 2018
Boats on Begnas Lake Pokhara

Colorful boats on a Begnas lakes quite waters Pokhara is known for it’s famous Phewa lake. Many tourism posters depict the paddle boats there under majestic mountains. The reality is those views are hard to come by any more. The secrets you can learn on this website will change everything in an instant. If you… Continue reading more »

Wat Mahathat, Sukhothai at night, Thailand – photograph

Published in: Thailand | December 31st, 2017
Wat Mahathat, Sukothai Temples at night, Thailand

Sukhothai’s most impressive temple at night I previously wrote about Sukhothai’s temples at night. They are impressive. Of all of them this one of Wat Mahathat is perhaps the best. While Thailand’s beaches often get the most attention there’s so much to the Kingdom of a thousand smiles than just sand and sea. Sukhothai to… Continue reading more »