Seeing the Unseen: The sea salt makers

by Dave from The Longest Way Home ~ February 15th, 2010. Updated on November 30th, 2010. Published in: Travel blog » Discover World Culture » Philippines.
Mindanao Salt Maker

Mindanao Salt Maker

Seeing the Unseen:

I never knew the answer to “where does salt come from.” Well, besides rock salt and giant factories. Where does locally made sea salt come from? That’s more like it.

White sand beaches, tropical boats, and tourist mecca’s are far removed here. Yet I find it more fascinating to visit such a place as this than a beach. Maybe because I am not looking for a holiday, but a home. As such I enjoy seeking out the real side of life in the Philippines.

In the small town of Bay Bay in Mindanao, just past El Salvador I arrived via jeepney and with a 5 peso old beat up tricycle bounced along the dirt road to an open dry field. There was a small lake in the distance, and further still a tree line that hid the sea shore from view. Directly in front of me was a dry dirt field with row upon row of little rectangles. A gray white frosting appearing on some as a dozen or so men swept the rectangles with long floor brushes.

“Where does salt come from?” It was a passing question from ones youth that flew by a conversation as I traveled the Philippines.

“They make salt along the beach”

I tried to get more information from my Filipino friends with a gasp of curiosity. But my pleas were met with frowns of boredom. It was nothing special to them. But to me I’d never seen salt being made from the sea naturally. This was my opportunity to find out how sea salt is made.

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This is an additional post and one of a series highlighting the island of Mindanao & the people living their in The Philippines

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3 Great responses to Seeing the Unseen: The sea salt makers

  1. Mario says:

    Hi man!
    I am a silent follower from Italy … I usually read your posts before starting my job and I enjoy those a lot ……
    After reading your post I stay for a bunch of minutes in a limbo status, dreaming and thinkingt about my life and my future!
    Possibly some day I’ll do the same thing as you!

    Look forward to your next post!


    • -Mario- Hi Mario,

      A comment like yours always makes my day that bit better, thank you!

      I’m glad to hear that my posts start your day off, that little bit better. At least thinking of the future while starting at work gives you something to get through the day!

      Yep, the next post should make some people happy:)

      Thanks again, and have a good day at work!

      -Sidney- Thanks for your concern. Yes, I’m always careful where ever I go. Mindanao is from from the worst though. Still, I keep my ears to the ground ;)

  2. Sidney says:

    Be careful in Mindanao… most parts of Mindanao are safe for foreigners… but some areas are really dangerous for a white guy like you… better be safe than sorry ;-)
    Ingat ka!