Great food from the Philippines: The Local Night Market BBQ Stand

Local night food bbq stand in the Philippines
Local night food bbq stand in the Philippines

Local Night Market BBQ Stand in The Philippines

The food is well-lit up, and there are usually plenty of people tending to it. The surrounding area may also have music playing or a TV blaring away. This is a local bbq stand at night in The Philippines. And, it’s really good.

BBQ squid cooking
BBQ Squid!

Some locals would often tell me not to eat here. These are the same people who simply did not even comment when they heard about I ate at the “local local” food stand. But again, I never got sick from eating here.

For the record the only places I did get a bad stomach in the Philippines is in fast food pizza and chicken restaurants in malls.

The typical food here would be: Chicken, a variety of fresh fish, Guso (seaweed), sizzling pork, lechon, adobos and just about everything else you can think of from the Philippines. Depending on the size of the night stalls, and the occasion.

The prices here vary a lot. But an average piece of chicken would cost 35 pesos, squid 60 -120 depending on size, bbq stick of pork 14 pesos.

This is an additional post and one of a series highlighting Filipino food

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11 Replies to “Great food from the Philippines: The Local Night Market BBQ Stand”

  1. The food looks wonderful; I just luv street food – it usually is so representative of local food & isn’t that part of the experience when you’re traveling??

    1. -Suzi- Hi Suzi,

      Great to see you on here ;) Yes, you make a very good point about street food being so representative of a place & culture! Many times in higher class restaurants you get something that looks nor tastes anything like what the majority eats! Street food usually tastes better too!

  2. OOh…I love street food too! Reminds me of my time in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The waterfront area had lots of stalls too!

  3. TLWH – you’re encouraging me to do this! One of my missions is to eat street food regularly. A bit challenging for a vegequarian, but I’ll endure. :)

    1. -Nomadic Chick- :) Good food needs no encouragement! Yep, being a vegetarian can be a challenge in some countries. But in some places, it’s really good.

      -Trudy- It’s still amazing how many people are scared of street food. Good local food is safer than a lot of restaurants anywhere.

      -Tim- Great to hear back from you Tim! And, it’s also great to hear how you got on in The Philippines. I think Pinoy street food is one of the hidden secrets of Asia!

      In many developed countries food is prepared with so much hygiene, I don’t think a human hand has ever touched it!

      Also great to hear you are heading back, I hope some of this website can help you in finding your own home too.

  4. Oh gosh, I never eat food at malls anywhere. Like you, I eat a lot of food from market stalls where I travel, and as far as I know, haven’t gotten sick from it. The food looks good.

  5. Hello again. Just returned to the States from our PI trip; Palawan, Cebu, Bohol and Luzon. We too ditched the tourist areas and spent time with the local people. Loved the people in Palawan and miss the street food in PI. I find it difficult to express to people here how good the street food is. I too never got sick from it and believe it’s healthier than the government approved food we get here. We’ll be heading back to PI in a few months to make it our permanent home although we haven’t decided on a specific spot yet. We only know we want to be there.

  6. I’m the same way. I have no problem ordering a very rare steak in an upscale reputable restaurant. But when I go to a BBQ I won’t touch it. And when it is some other type of meat I watch very carefully.

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