How to live on an Island in the Philippines – the answer’s coming

by Dave from The Longest Way Home ~ May 9th, 2009. Published in: Travel blog » How to live overseas » Philippines.
Local Tourist Boats in the Philippines (click to enlarge)

Local Tourist Boats in the Philippines (click to enlarge)

There are two topics that I have been asked, and sometimes told, by friends and via email that have been repeated frequently throughout my travels.

1) Why don’t you live on an island somewhere?

2) What’s it like to travel the world searching for home? (usually followed by “it must be great”)

Well, that’s just what I tried. Over the next few weeks I will be be covering both these topics in detail and physically/ mentally going through them as they occurred. Please read the past tense there!

I will still be writing up my usual journal entries about traveling the world in search of home. But, in between these, and sometimes in them,  I’ll be introducing some of the practicalities about life on the road that many people don’t realize, or would like to know about. Including how to live on an island in the Philippines.

Here’s a sample of things to come:

Is the Philippines a good place to live?

Getting sick on an island, or in any developing country

How to deal with visas?

Getting work and earning money in a foreign country

How to get online while in remote areas cheaply, and practically

Just how to get food, water and eat while on an island?

Socializing and living with locals, is complete integration possible?

Living without electricity

What’s remote island life vs island city life really like?

Tourists and expats and the issues

Starting a business overseas, or buying a house – how easy is it?

Relationships – girls, girls, girls, and problems, problems, problems

Living life like a local overseas … is it possible?

That’s just a snippet, in no particular order, of some things to come right here.

This is my life traveling around the world in search of a place to call home: for the next while you’ll be getting an inside peek at many unique aspects of my life, moving overseas, traveling the world, and just how, or not, to do it from my own perspective.

I hope you enjoy or find something interesting and useful here. At the same time search out the rest of the website for many more things that at the very least may provide a little inspiration.

Coming soon:

How to choose an island to try living on in the Philippines?

There’s plenty of them – Which one did I choose and why?

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